Ten best things to do at night in Cape Town

Every city and place on earth changes when the sun sets. The mother city does so with an elegant graceful beauty that gives visitors and locals incredibly exquisite sunsets to red carpet their entrance into the nightlife that she offers up with butterflies in every stomach for the intensely wide variety of entertainment that rises when the day falls. Clubs, pubs, theatres and night excitement in Cape Town is an entire world on its own and has been reviewed as being just as captivating to the soul as the exquisite beauty that the day offers to those who find themselves in the bosom of the mother city.

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Mavericks Strip Joint and Revue Bar with Class

The first image of the words strip joint is not always a welcome one, so it is a breath of fresh air to know that your every desire can and will be tantalised with a serious touch of class when stepping though Mavericks doors. The service is world class and so is every sensational woman. Maverick Exotic Girls are all highly trained dancers; performance acrobats; adept in the seductive art of striptease; lap dancing; pole dancing and table dancing.

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