Fireman’s Arms

Fireman’s Arms welcomes you with the ambiance of an old English pub; the dark, rich polished wooden bars and tables, memorabilia such as fireman’s helmets, an old ladder, a fireman’s pole, and snippets from sport history, make you think back to a time of old.

Established in 1864, firemans-arms is one of the finest and oldest pubs in Cape Town providing fine beers and wines with exquisite food and light meals. The pub has undergone renovations and improvements over the years while keeping the original building and ambiance, it offers high definition viewing and big screen events to it’s patrons while offering exceptional service in a relaxing and traditional setting.

The firemans-arms provide spectacular viewing in full high definition on all 9 46″ flat screen panels as well as 2 big screens for all major sporting events with digital sound to match. Wireless internet access is available in all area’s of the venue, there are smoking and non smoking area’s all of which provide ample viewing area’s of the flat panel displays. Private functions and event can be arranged on request, additional information on events and functions can be found on the site.

If you ever find yourself in need of refreshment, come to Fireman’s Arms, come thirsty. We have a selection of more than 25 beers on tap, great specials and a large variety of beverages which include speciality coffees. Indulge your beer addiction, who knows it might help you pluck up the courage to climb to the top of our fireman’s pole to leave your mark, as you sign the ceiling.

What’s a good pub without some grub? We turn up the heat with blazing, hearty meals that hit the spot. Our homemade pies are in a class of their own. The Fireman’s Pie is strictly for the brave, it doesn’t get hotter than this. Fill the hole in your tummy with starters, foccacia, homemade soups, salads, mains that range from steak, to pies, curry, fish and chips and pizza. Why not try out our thin gluten free pizza base? Get creative with a range of decadent toppings including escargot. Whatever you end up having, leave room for dessert!

choose your hood

Name your hood is about reclaiming Cape Town. It’s abut igniting community pride. It’s about creating a legible city and giving you a voice in the places that really matter – where you live, work and play.

Capetonians have responded to the call to “Name Your Hood” with enthusiasm. Just five of the 424 submissions are: WOMo; Wembledon; Flagman’s Ladder; Broekies and NoLo.

Voting is now open, so visit the website to check out all submissions and read the motivation behind each.

Shortlisted entries will be announced on 30 July 2011.

jason bakery opens to great excitement

There was great excitement on Bree Street last week as Jason Lilley, more commonly known as Captain Bread, welcomed Capetonians into his beautiful bakery and eatery for the very first time.

Jason Bakery, formerly Jardine Bakery, occupies the ground floor of what was once Jardine Restaurant. The space has undergone a serious facelift and Jason has added an a la carte menu to the mix but the heart of the bakery remains unchanged with its utterly delicious offering of melt-in-your-mouth pastries, bakes, breads and sandwiches.

Visit Jason Bakery from Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch, coffee or drinks. Open 7am to 3:30pm Mondays to Fridays and 8am to 2pm Saturdays.


Cindy Taylor

on at salon91

Salon91 contemporary art collection is a boutique-style gallery and art consultation service located in Kloof Street. The gallery showcases work by emerging and established contemporary artists of all disciplines, and is passionate about developing brand new talent.

Exhibitions rotate every three to four weeks, keeping things fresh and exciting.


EXHIBITION TITLEFiguring Difference
SHOW DATES: 10 August – 3 September
ARTISTS: Nelson Mukamo, Patsy Groll, Lucinda Mudge, Lara Feldman, Daniel Popper

Figuring Difference is an exhibition of portraiture by South African artists. The difference that they seek to figure lies within themselves, their subjects and between the artists on the show.


EXHIBITION TITLERealm… an urban enquiry
OPENING EVENT: Wednesday, 7 September 2011 at 19h30
SHOW DATES: 7 September 2011 – 1 October
MEDIA: Watercolour and Ink on paper.
ARTISTS: Gabrielle Raaff & Lorenzo Nassimbeni

Realm is essentially an exploration of the urban landscape or ‘realm’, a zone of common interest to both exhibiting artists. Gabrielle Raaff interprets the urban landscape artistically, and the resultant work is interestingly architectural in the way it communicates to the viewer. Lorenzo Nassimbeni is an architect, whose output is artistic. While Raaff’s compositions are built up of shapes, Nassimbeni’s works are identified by line. Methods of abstraction are employed by the artists to suggest the liminal spaces or ‘spaces between’ buildings. Raaff communicates these ‘realms’ by way of the absence of shape and Nassimbeni through the absence of line. These liminal spaces challenge the viewer to read into the artworks, their personal interpretations occupying the implied space, and it is also at this point of abstraction, where the collaboration between the two artists truly finds its voice. The result is a collection of tranquil, subtle, yet poignant works by both artists.

91 Kloof Street

021 424 6930

Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri 10am – 6pm; Sat 10am – 2pm; Mon & Sun closed

Gallery Director: Monique Du Preez

september special at gingko

Gingko Spa at Winchester Mansions invites you to relax and rejuvenate with their September special.

Enjoy 25% off the BABOR EXPRESS CLEANSE FACIAL – a deep pore cleansing for a radiant clear skin, and the EXPRESS SPA PEDICURE – with a choice of either paraffin wax or nail colour.

One and a half hours of pampering for just R510.

Winchester Mansions Hotel
221 Beach Road, Sea Point
021 430 0218

“the biggest boekjol the city has ever seen”

The Open Book Festival has to be one of the most exciting events in Cape Town this year. An innovative programme taking place at venues across Cape Town includes everything from book launches to conversations with local and international authors, readings to meals with some of your favourite authors.

Fun and games with Writer Sports, a look at the future of books and digital books, and talks on anything from the Dos and Donts of starting to book club for children to conversations with people who make movies when they’re not writing books.

And if you’re a budding author, there’s even a talk about the hows, whens, whys, whats and nots of writing.

Visit the website to see the full list of authors who’ll be in attendance, download the extensive programme and then let friends and family know they won’t be seeing much of you for five days in September.

21 – 25 September


Commune.1 Gallery focuses on large format installation and sculpture, providing artists with a devoted arena for their collective ideals. It aims to provide an environment of intimate, heightened receptivity, a constantly evolving relationship
between art and spectator.

The stunning double-volume space is currently showing Christopher Swift’s first solo exhibition, UmlunguUmlungu is a personal journey and a social comment on what it is to be a white man within a global context today. The grand scale of the installations echoes the expansive imagination of the artist who sees dreaming big as an important part of the solution to our current international concerns about food shortages, environmental impact and social harmony.

Umlungu ends on 18 October, on which date there will be an artist Walkabout at 18h00.

The next show, which is Part 1 of a two-part show, begins a week later. Part 1 is 26 October – 23 November : Nina Liebenberg “Point Counter Point” and Katherine Spindler “At Sea”.

021 423 5600
64 Wale Street, Cape Town

jeannie indi @ haas collective

Jeannie Indi: Inspirations

She is ever present, even in man’s least hospitable of fabrications she unfurls through the tiniest of cracks to stretch her budding life. Her seas and earth try their best to hide our indiscretions and wasteful dispossessions. She calms the restless soul with moments of blissful solitude, and invites us to take a closer look to discover the constant scurrying and flow. Surrender yourself to her and allow her to nurture you.

I try not to think or conceptualize when creating as I feel that it inhibits the flow. I do not take photographs, but rather am given still moments that are only truly revealed on reflection, and selected when they imbue an emotion.

The process of illustrating is for me a form of meditation, whereby I allow myself to be swept away, flowing with the patterns revealed. On closer look every entity is exquisitely patterned and connected through detailed patterns. When illustrating, I try to bring nature’s patterns to the surface and reveal my feel of her intricate plot. I am fascinated and mesmerized by nature’s delicacies. ”

My intentions are always to discover my purpose though the exploration and hopeful preservation of nature. I hope that through inspired moments I am able to reflect her magic to others.”

Exhibition opens Friday, 28 October, 2011 at 6pm.

021 422 4413
67 Rose street, Bo-kaap