Cape Town Flea Markets

There are those people who love Flea Markets and those who don’t see the magic in searching for things you didn’t know you loved and wanted and actually finding them. Cape Town is famous for its collection of strange, weirdly wonderful markets and objects in these markets. One can perhaps sign it off to the fact that the largest amount of interestingly creative individuals have made the mother city their home and therefore if there is a peculiar item to be discovered you will most definitely find it at one of the wide range of flea markets and their stalls. Below is a list of the most popular and sought after markets in Cape Town.

Milnerton Flea Market

Situated on Marine Drive, opposite the Metro Industrial Park in Paarden Eiland, it is called the Milnerton Flea Market because that is where this great Flea Markets origins began. Entrance to the market is free of charge and today it is the size of four football fields. It lies between two parking lots and has the majestic Table Mountain for a magnificent backdrop. The market is both animal and child friendly and has designated market officials who constantly keep an eye on things. Most of the food stalls have seating available and there are public toilet facilities which include wheelchair friendly facilities. The market itself is clean, safe and superb. There are stalls selling almost everything you could ever imagine, from your normal market food stalls to ancient brick a brack, second hand collectable items, to books that one thought would be lost to us forever. There are crystals and crazy items that one did not know existed. The Milnerton Flea Market is known for its size and extreme collection of absolutely everything your heart could ever desire. Check out their website for more information

Stellenbosch Slow Market

Situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, which is where the Cape Winelands boast their beauty, lies the Stellenbosch slow market, its rather large in size and substantially quaint and divinely beautiful items, mostly homemade or handmade. The market is only open on Saturdays regardless of weather conditions and opens at 9am – 4pm. The stalls offer the widest range of goods, from scrumptious bits and bites to the most sensationally artistic apparel known to man, there are also the odd book bargain stalls, as well as esoterically inclined hidden gems. The Stellenbosch Slow Market is an wondrous way to spend browsing a Saturday away in a relaxed beautifully inspiring setting.

Tokia Forest Market

Even with the impending closure looming over the market, which the whole of the mother city hopes will not happen, this is one of the most beautiful, well organised and family orientated markets in the whole of Cape Town. Not only is the market jam packed with entertainment from pony rides, jumping castles and that guy ‘Frans’ whose scientific genius teaches the children the most mind blowing things to take home as well, but there are food stalls without mercy, from the delicious moer koffie from Maggies to unmistakably the most divine biltong from Dante’s, then there are the more sit down and relax in between the tall trees and breathe in the fresh tokai air food stalls prepared by chefs and served with a smile. The arts and crafts that meander through the entertainment and food stalls is vastly different, there are crystals and gems holding exquisite beauty, clothing which is handmade with love and sensationable design, and wooden handmade toys to name but a few. Tokai Forest Market must definitely be visited even if for the beauty alone, check out their website on

The colourful culture of Greenmarket Square

Photo by @allietea

Framed by divine coffee shops and the interesting hustling bustling that is the Cape Town City Centre, lies Greenmarket Square. There is something for everyone on the daytime African themed market with the multi coloured stalls offering the most intricate and exciting curious curios around.

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The Old Biscuit Mill

Nestled in the heart of Woodstock, lies one of the more enthralling artistic hubs of Cape Town. With a wide range of day and night markets, grandly dynamic office space, myriad designer stores, divinely delicious restaurants as well as an epic lineup of festivals, events and captivating productions.

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Saturday Market at The Palms

Hustle and bustle and colourful delicacies everywhere you look. Delicious aromas swirl around you as you drift between all the interestingly flavorful wares on offer. One of the cleanest, most well kept markets by far; Market at The Palms is a mouthwatering experience for a Saturday morning. Continue reading “Saturday Market at The Palms”

Shopping in Cape Town

The mother city is known for being the mother of everything and shopping in this case is no stranger to this. Cape Town is home to some of the most incredible shopping experiences known to man. Not only is this city, which is known as one of the most beautiful cities on earth, home to the largest population of creatives, artists, and world famous designers but it is home to the worlds finest creations. Cape Town has your quaint shopping experiences hidden in places that you wouldn’t imagine these gems would find solace to the greatest shopping malls that have want for absolutely nothing and provide mind blowing experiences. Below is a list of the quaint shopping experiences to the markets to the large and in charge malls waiting to indulge your every shopping need and so much more.

Markets Shopping Experiences

Markets in Cape Town range from your all through the week Green Market Square which is situated in the CBD and has a collection of all African Curios as well as other little stalls with second hand books, jewellery and apparel, it is also home of the mother of the famous Bamboo scarf. Then you have your weekend markets like the Tokai Forest Market which is jam packed with awesomeness and open all day on a Sunday, the Milnerton Flea Market which has a huge collection of absolutely everything under the sun and probably things from outer space too.

Quaint Shopping Experiences

Quaint Shopping calls for the exclusive labels and the unheard of one of a kind, most probably hand made perfections found nowhere else in the world. Woodstock, Cape Town has become home to smaller shopping experiences which are housed in open planned modern styled exquisite buildings and each have their own mind blowing uniqueness. The Woodstock Exchange is the most well known of them all, containing phenomenal works from young and upcoming designers, as well as having some of the best crunchies and coffee available at divine coffee shops when you need that break to rest your shopping shoes. The Old Biscuit Mill is another which has a collection of incredibly beautiful shops that will keep you mesmerised for hours and perhaps leaving only after purchasing one of everything. The shops are situated around beautiful courtyards and The Old Biscuit Mill is also home to the award winning restaurant The Test Kitchen with the famous chef Luke Dale Roberts.

Large and in charge Shopping

Cape Town is home to two of the biggest and most incredible shopping centres, The very famous Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, which is home to the incredible Two Oceans Aquarium, as well as 90% of your designer brand shops, they also boast a large indoor market like setting which has stalls for Africa, containing every type of ware that you could think of. There is a delightful scratch patch, hundreds of phenomenal restaurants and so much to do that one could spend an entire day and not have seen or browsed through even a quarter of this beautiful centre. Then there is the epically exclusive high class Century City with its Canal Walk which prides itself on being the ‘Shop the World’ experience. Canal Walk is home to fine dining and every sort of shop and brand that you could ever imagine, the design of the entire area is an architectural dream come true and finds the cream of the crop shopping in its silver platter experience. Century City is also home to the Natural Goods and Art Market which is open every spring and is truly a divine experience in itself.