Beach Cape Town


The Mother City has grown a habit of creating the most incredible suburbs which have been allowed to grow within themselves and nurture their own style and nature, whilst still keeping with the authentic Capetonian vibe. Muizenberg is one of the larger suburbs of awesomeness where you can get everything you can conjure up in …

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Activities Beach

Long Beach

Long beach is precisely what the name suggests… a very, very long beach. However, Long beach is not only a pristinely white sanded beach of heartfelt serenity but also one of the most epic sites to dive along the coast of the Cape Peninsula. The entire area is beautifully scattered with an intense amount of …

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Beach South Africa

Boulders Beach

The name of this incredibly beautiful bay like beach comes from the large amount of gigantic  540 million year old granite boulders that frame the beach in, these various size granite boulders are found all along the coastline but are especially concentrated here at Boulders Beach. However the beach is not famous for the granite …

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