Moscow on the hill – University of Cape Town

8755048064_b5f9b3af4f_bOne of the world’s oldest universities, founded in 1829, as a high school for boys, the University of Cape Town (UCT), only grew into a full-fledged university during the period of 1880 and 1900. In 1887 UCT admitted female students for the first time in honour of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. In 1928 the university moved the bulk of the facilities to the slopes of Devil’s Peak, the land bequeathed by Cecil John Rhodes to the nation, specifically for a national university. Having a definite stand against Apartheid, UCT admitted its first black students in the 1920’s. Today UCT has one of the most diverse campuses in South Africa. Continue reading “Moscow on the hill – University of Cape Town”

Mavericks Strip Joint and Revue Bar with Class

The first image of the words strip joint is not always a welcome one, so it is a breath of fresh air to know that your every desire can and will be tantalised with a serious touch of class when stepping though Mavericks doors. The service is world class and so is every sensational woman. Maverick Exotic Girls are all highly trained dancers; performance acrobats; adept in the seductive art of striptease; lap dancing; pole dancing and table dancing.

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The Very Best Cape Town Activities

Cape Town has an activity for anyone, young or old, outgoing or not, fit or not so fit, indoors or out. The City and the surrounds has something for you, it is the reason why the place is a great place to live and a top destination for tourists.

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