win unlimited yoga for one month at air yoga meditation atelier

Vanessa was a Mysore-practising, freelance graphic designer in the UK when she traveled to Mysore in India and, within three weeks of arriving, met her husband, Neal. After traveling and teaching yoga around Asia, including running a yoga school in Bali, they decided it was time to return to Europe. The return journey included a stop in Cape Town to visit Vanessa’s mother and it was in Cape Town that Vanessa’s and Neal’s lives took a surprising turn.

Vanessa and Neal had wanted to create an accessible space, free from dogma, where students could feel comfortable regardless of whether they’d been practising yoga for years or complete beginners whose knowledge extended little further than being able to spell “yoga”, but had no immediate plans to do so. That changed when they spotted the perfect space at the Woodstock Exchange, and the life they envisioned back in the UK was replaced with a move to Cape Town.

AIR Yoga Meditation Atelier offers a range of yoga styles, including but not limited to:

Mysore style is traditional Ashtanga yoga, as taught in Mysore India by the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois. It is a unique class where you will practice a set sequence of postures at your own pace while a teacher gives you individual guidance and adjustments. As you progress through the series you will receive new postures. Suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Jivamukti means “liberation while living.” This style of yoga emerged in 1984 from one of New York City’s best-known yoga studios. It is a study of how Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga incorporates into spiritual teachings and philosophies, placing special emphasis on how these apply to daily life. Classes can give you a good workout in a supportive and uplifting environment.

This class draws on knowledge from Indian Hatha asanas, Chinese medicine and Buddhist practices to work on balancing the mind and body. Holding shapes for long periods of time that stress the connective tissues and redirect energy to vital organs. Encouraging surrender, softening and release. Yin yoga complements a fast and energetic Ashtanga yoga or other Yang styles of practice.

Mysore Ashtanga is relatively unknown in Cape Town and while it does require some commitment – three times a week for the first month is suggested – it is a wonderful way to learn a meditative personal yoga practice.

To give you an idea of why Mysore is so highly rated and seen by many as the best way to learn Ashtanga, pop over to Lilablog to read Frances Prema Harjeet’s beautifully-worded and easy to understand thoughts on this style.

Two aspects Frances mentions resonate strongly with me and I believe goes a long way towards helping newcomers to yoga feel a lot less intimidated:

Poses are taught in a way that is right for that specific body, with its own limitations and strengths. It’s a very individualized process, yet firmly rooted in a tradition and a community.

I like that I can stop and ask for help, without it feeling like I’m disrupting the whole class. I like the personalization of the practice; I love that I feel like I am alone, doing my own thing, while simultaneously feeling supported by the group dynamic.

AIR Yoga Meditation Atelier is giving three B-guided readers the chance to win one month’s unlimited yoga. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have considered joining a studio or for more experienced students looking for something a little different.

As a bonus, if the winners opt for Mysore in their free month, they will get a 20% discount on the second month’s fees.

To enter, email your contact details to by 30 August using AIRyoga in the subject line, leave a comment on our Facebook page or Tweet @bguidedSA using #AIRYoga.

In the meantime, pop over to the AIR website to learn more about the various styles, teachers and classes, check them out on Facebook or Twitter or call the studio on 073 584 2978.

vamp furniture, woodstock

set of 3 vintage stack stools, re-upholstered in multi-coloured fabrics

2-tone Yellowwood & Imbuia mid-century 2-tier coffee table

mid-century Sapele & Mahogany wood sideboard with black and cream accents

Twiggy Bookshelf. Made by Vamp from African Mahogany

Paula van Niekerk and her partner Michael Dodds often discussed opening a furniture and homeware store, but it wasn’t until a weekend away to the West Coast in 2009 that the conversations turned into a reality. They stumbled across, Paula says, “a jaw dropping selection of mid-century furniture for sale.”

A few months after shipping their find to Cape Town, Vamp opened its doors in Woodstock; a logical choice, as Michael’s wood workshop had been based there for 20 years. They split the space into adjoining store and workshop, but when the building was sold, moved into the perfect spot opposite the Old Biscuit Mill.

Paula says of Woodstock: “We are inspired by the infectious energy, sense of community and the diverse creative talents Woodstock continues to attract.”

This inspiration and creative energy is something Paula and Michael themselves have in abundance, and are perfectly reflected in their gorgeous up-cycled retro furniture, original Mid-20th Century classics, quirky vintage kitchenalia and collectables, a select range of homeware by local design talents, as well as their own range of mid century inspired furniture, which they design and manufacture.

Every week I receive what Vamp calls their “Fabulous Friday Furniture updates” – sign up here – and every week the list of beautiful pieces I want – no, need – to own grows longer. A visit to Vamp is an absolute must, but be warned, you won’t come away empty handed; not that you will want to , of course!

The Pacman Shelf. Made by Vamp from African Mahogany

nest of three E Gomme G Plan tables in two tone teak

wall unit, made by Vamp from African Mahogany

Vamp bookshelf. Made by Vamp from African Mahogany

Retro nest of three tables in green, grey and cream

Metal light pendants re-sprayed in bright yellow

021 448 2755
368 Albert Road, Woodstock

tedxcapetown2013 viewing party at fast & remarkable

Tickets for this year’s event have sold out, but luckily there’s something called a TEDxCapeTown Viewing Party. Fast & Remarkable are hosting one such party at their shop in Salt Circle Arcade in Woodstock. There will be the webcast of the year, of course, along with a discussion on F & R’s food and sustainability theme for World Design Capital 2014. Also, Origin coffee and craft beer tasting with Beeguevara. The Salt Circle Food Truck will be offering a special on their fresh juice and wraps.

The details:
TEDxCapeTown 2013 Viewing Party
Fast & Remarkable
021 835 4199
Unit 6, Salt Circle Arcade, 374 Albert Road, Woodstock
Saturday, 20th July 2013

See invite here or visit the & R Facebook page

If the great coffee, craft beer tasting and fresh and delicious wraps are not reason enough, here are another 20, from the TEDxCapeTown website why you don’t want to miss TEDxCapeTown 2013. Speakers include:

Leonie Joubert
Leonie writes passionately about urban food insecurity, why it is an invisible problem and ideas on how to tackle it.

Johnny Anderton
Johnny works to develop and disseminate simple, cost-effective ideas to improve the lives of those living in informal settlements.

John McInroy
John follows his dreams and brings an infectious energy packaged in a single word… ShoOops! Where ever you go, go with your heart.

Jasper Horrell
Jasper focuses on the science and engineering of the SKA telescope and has a vision for Africa as a leader in knowledge-based activity.

Shabashni Moodley
Shabashni wants to mobilise schools and community colleges through group dialogue, peer teaching and democratic learning.

Nic Haralambous
Nic believes in embracing incompetence and how it allows for situations of learning and discovery, and often the emergence of the greatest innovation and success.

Shannon Hope
Shannon shares her beliefs in having the courage to start over again as she did in following her dream to become a full-time musician at the age of 29.

Riaan Conradie
Riaan offers some of the practical changes needed to facilitate real and tangible advances in the digital health arena.

Davey du Plessis
Davey uses adventure as a source of experience to understand the nature of humanity and the unlimited potential of the human spirit.

Tony Elvin
As a ‘social enterprise’ practitioner and evangelist, Tony draws inspiration from his diverse background to address the many challenges faced by post apartheid South Africa.

Jillian Reilly
Jillian addresses the fundamental problem with international aid and how to work within this broken system for social change.

Gavin Bonner
Gavin spouts spontaneous poetry and shares improv storytelling in rhyme and flow inspired by themes and objects in everyday life.

Angela Horn
Angela expands on the upsides of downsizing and how living with less can positively affect your life.

Whispers of Wisdom
Whispers of Wisdom consist of three guys and two girls who combine poetry, song and spoken word to talk about things that matter.

Ivo Vegter
Ivo talks about how environmental exaggeration harms emerging economies. Using amusing examples, he explains why excessive risk avoidance is as dangerous as risk itself.

Craig Hinds
Craig crafts some of the most beautiful acoustic songs to come out of South Africa, songs that seep into your soul, get under your skin and stay with you.

Karen Dudley
Karen uses food and sharing thereof as a metaphor for embracing our diversity and creating spaces for people to find comfort and nourishment.

Adrian Saville
Adrian demonstrates how mobility on all levels can create win-win outcomes that produce economic inclusion and social upliftment.

Angel Campey
Angel feels at home on stage with her discuss-it-for-what-it-is comedy approach and shares fresh perspectives on topics we should be talking about.

Rapelang Rabana
Rapelang believes in using mobile technology to re-imagine learning by creating interactive, personalized and adaptive learning platforms that produce data and transparently show levels of knowledge retention.

tongue twisting fun from the red & yellow lorry wine factory

“Don’t say it, drink it” – so reads the label of the new wine range from The Wine Factory, probably good advice since the name – Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry – is derived from a classic tongue twister.

Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry began with a story about a faithful little lorry that went chugging up the mountain to fetch grapes from the Elgin Valley, to make wine at the Red & Yellow Lorry Wine Factory; this lead the owners, Ian and Anette Corder, to consider a less serious wine as a break from the business of boutique production.

Yellow Lorry came first; a wine after purist Ian’s heart, as a 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Classic cool climate in character, with abundant lemon and apples, the wine finishes sweetly with a crisp acidity.

Red Lorry is a blend of two vintages of Shiraz; a wooded component (2010) giving structure and complexity; the un-oaked 2011 wine blended in to make the wine a “quaffer” – hence the designation on the label, “Easy Red”.

Both wines are bottled under screw cap and are available from Pick n Pay and selected wine stores for R39 and R49 respectively; a budget-conscious option while still offering cool climate quality.

So chug, chug-a-lug!

021 851 3212
25 Mizpah Rd, Elgin

the kraken released in south africa

The Kraken brand has such a cult following in the US there are now games, videos survival testimonials, décor items and a Kraken App, to name just a few. Finally, South Africa’s wait is over, as last week saw it launched locally.

Award-winning London-based Stranger & Stranger were responsible for the awesome packaging design, which works well with the strong, rich, smooth rum. The Kraken is the first imported black rum from the Caribbean. It’s distilled from molasses made from local cane sugar and blended with over 11 secret spices (including cinnamon, ginger and clove) and like the mythical creature for which it is named, is said to be dark, strong and mysterious.

Perfect as a sipping rum, but it works just as well in rum-based cocktails or the more traditional Kraken and Coke, or even Kraken and ginger beer.

While the smooth taste of The Kraken Rum certainly lends itself to be enjoyed as a sipping rum, it also works well as a key ingredient in a number of rum-based cocktails, and is perfect as part of simpler sippers such as the traditional Kraken and Coke or Kraken and ginger beer!
Now so cultish is the Kraken brand following in the USA that there are even Kraken games, videos, Kraken survival testimonials, charts that indicate the Kraken’s size, Kraken décor items and a Kraken App, amongst a myriad other things.

London based Stranger & Stranger who were responsible for the package design have also consistently scooped top awards. It’s no small wonder. Back this with a rum that is strong, rich, black and smooth and watch the local crowds roar their approval.

The Kraken is available at leading liquor outlets and the suggested retail price is R185.00.

Kraken on Facebook –international page

b-guided tries simoncello’s hand-crafted liqueurs

While there is some debate about the origins of the well known Italian digestiv, Limoncello, what is known is that a) it ha been around for at least a hundred years and b) it is delicious. Simon, Operations Director at Simoncello, agrees, at least with on the latter point. So much so that it was during his year in Italy that he earned the nickname ‘Simoncello’. On his return to Cape Town, Simon studied a Masters in Sustainable Development, which inspired him to start his own range of liqueurs with an eco-friendly twist.

First up was the original limoncello, or ‘liquore di limone’, which was a great success and led Simon to develop the more daring cinnamon, raspberry, naartjie, chocolate and vanilla flavours. Each bottle is made with pure alcohol at approximately 95°, which is produced from a wood fired still at 78°C. The still is observed with unfaltering attention for many tedious hours, following age-old Italian tradition.

Simon recommends that the fruit varieties (lemon, naartjie and raspberry) be served chilled and sipped as a digestive after a good meal, while the chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon flavours can be served cold or at room temperature and are delicious either as a drink on their own, over ice cream, or mixed into a smoothie. I aim to implement another of Simon’s serving suggestions very, very soon – the chocolate liqueur in a Don Pedro. Also, chocolate shots are currently available in delicious raw organic chocolate ‘glasses’ – genius!

Alex took Simon’s advice on how to enjoy the liqueurs, generously delivered to our offices by Simoncello. After dinner last night she tried the naartjie liqueur over some ice and found it very refreshing, zingy and delicious. She has plans this summer to enjoy both the naartjie and lemon flavours with soda water and mint for a refreshing drink.

She also tried the cinnamon liqueur in her coffee before bed, telling us she didn’t think it would be a good idea to have liqueur first thing in the morning before work. As Alex loves Chai tea she found the cinnamon added a nice spice to her coffee and warmed her up before bed.

Unfortunately, Alex hasn’t tried the others yet – or in her words: “I obviously didn’t get a chance to taste all of them…” (Did we mention she’s the responsible one?) – but has plans to have the chocolate over ice cream and on its own as dessert, and I think I may have persuaded her to donate the original limoncello to me.

So we know these taste really good, but what makes Simoncello’s range even better is that they are hand crafted with a conscience. For instance, the 375ml bottles can be reused for oils and other kitchen products while the smaller 100ml bottles are ideal for storing salts, pepper corns and spices, once the contents have been consumed. Simoncello has also designed reusable, recycled brown paper bags that are perfect to use as gift bags and shopping bags once you’ve unpacked the liqueurs.

Simoncello is opening a shop/tapas bar at the Salt Circle Arcade in Woodstock, but as you have to wait until around October for this, we suggest heading to markets like City Bowl, Neighbourgoods and Market at the Palms to source your supply, or connect with Simoncello via the following:


all photos by Stefan Botha, photographer at Market at the Palms

elegantly elgin wine weekend

Less than an hour from Cape Town lies the breathtakingly beautiful Elgin Valley, which will be welcoming wine lovers on Saturday 12 May when sixteen wine estates open their doors for a day of entertainment, fine wine and food for the Elgin Wine Weekend.

Five different routes have been designed to ensure the best possible experience and visitors can choose one. All routes and participating estates are listed below, along with details of some of the wonderful experiences on offer.

Tickets cost R50 and grant you entry to the routing option purchased. Each ticket includes an Official Route access lanyard, an Elegantly Elgin Tasting Glass and a free pour voucher to be redeemed and enjoyed at any venue on the day. Wine by the glass will also be sold at each venue, and lunch options are for your own account.

Tickets are sold per route and are limited, so it’s best to buy them early. They are available from Charmaine at Elgin Tourism office 021 848 9838 or email

For event information contact Taryn Laing, Elgin Valley Wine Guild, on 082 566 6877 or email, or visit the website.

Regular updates on the weekend’s events and the participating estates can be found at the Elegantly Elgin Facebook page

UPDATE: as at 6 May, the Yellow route was sold out.

Elgin Wine Weekend routes:

So what can wine lovers look forward to?


9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Lothian Vineyards Pinot Noir 2011
• Lothian Vineyards Chardonnay 2011
• Lothian Vineyards Riesling 2011

House White: Otter’s Claw Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Horny Owl Shiraz

Entertainment: snack with relaxed wine tasting on the deck | swimming pool or dam with trampolines and water trampolines (weather dependent)

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Wines for Tasting:
• Rawbones Rosé
• Oak Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Oak Valley Chardonnay 2011
• Oak Valley Merlot Cabernet 2007
• Oak Valley Pinot Noir 2010

House White: Oak Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2011
House Red: Oak Valley Merlot Cabernet 2007

Entertainment: ‘The Professionals’, one of the Cape’s best party bands, play a mix of classics and new tunes; bring your dancing shoes!

Lunch: Oak Valley Beef Bourginon – freshly made using grass-fed Oak Valley beef, slow cooked with mushrooms, onions and lardons of Oak Valley bacon served with steamed potatoes tossed in parsley butter and fresh bread – R60 per serving

2:30pm – 5pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Elgin Vintners Sauvignon Blanc
• Elgin Vintners Chardonnay
• Elgin Vintners Viognier
• Elgin Vintners Rosé
• Elgin Vintners Pinot Noir
• Elgin Vintners Shiraz
• Elgin Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon
• Elgin Vintners Merlot
• Elgin Vintners Agama

9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Sauvignon Blanc 2009
• Sauvignon Blanc 2010
• Rose 2009
• Sine Cera 2010
• Sine Cera 2011
• Ruadh 2009
• Slainte 2008
• Pinot Noir 2010
• Dessert Wine
• Port

House White: Sauvignon Blanc 2009
House Red: Ruadh 2009 (Shiraz/Merlot Blend)

Entertainment: a wine tasting with a difference | fishing, swimming and kayaking on the dam | deli for breakfast etc.

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Brandies for Tasting:
• Oude Molen V.O.V 14 year old
• Oude Molen René Single Cast (Master Distiller’s Choice)
• Oude Molen Solera
• Oude Molen 100 Reserve (Matured for 100 Months)

House White: No House
House Red: No House

Entertainment: full cellar tour and tasting; consists of a tour of the distillery and audio visual presentation
Lunch: a delicious warm winter soup accompanied by fresh bread, and koeksisters to wrap up.

2:30pm – 5pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Shannon ‘Sanctuary Peak’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Shannon ‘Rockview Ridge’ Pinot Noir 2010 (New Release Wines)
• Shannon ‘Mount Bullet’ Merlot 2010 (New Release Wines)

House White: Semillon
House Red: Pinot Noir

Entertainment: 2 Boule courts | social area on viewing deck overlooking the river | lounge area | vertical tasting of Pinot Noirs (2006 – 2010) at an additional cost | selection of Library wines available to purchase

9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Elgin Ridge 282 Sauvignon Blanc Vintage 2011
• Elgin Ridge 282 Chardonnay Vintage 2010
• Elgin Ridge 282 Chardonnay Vintage 2011

House White: Elgin Ridge 282 Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Not available

Entertainment: cellar tours by Brian Smith on a hourly basis throughout the day

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Wines for Tasting:
• Mofam ‘Shaz’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Mofam ‘Dee’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Mofam ‘Zar’ Pinot Noir 2011
• Mofam ‘Zan’ Rose’ 2011
• Mofam ‘Reez ‘ Viognier 2011
• Mofam Viognier 2010

House White: Mofam ‘Shaz’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
House Red: Mofam ‘Zar’ Pinot Noir

Entertainment: skiing | canoeing | quad biking | hiking | labyrinth| fishing | enjoy “Flavours” with great food and wine in front of the fire – guests are welcome to partake in all activities, which are for own account.

Lunch: Flavours@Mofam has switched to their winter menu and offers a smaller version, including lamb shank, stews & soups; cost R50-R100

2:30pm – 5pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Almenkerk Sauvignon Blanc 2012
• Lace White 2011
• Lace Rosé 2011
• Lace Red Blend 2010

House White: Lace White 2011
House Red: Lace Red Blend 2010

Entertainment: free fermentation and maturation cellar tours by winemaker Joris van Almenkerk | glühwein next to the roaring fireplace | coffee, tea & pastries for sale

9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Hannay Sauvignon Blanc
• Catherine Marshall White label Pinot Noir

House White: Hannay Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Catherine Marshall White Label Pinot Noir

Entertainment: relaxed tasting environments with background music and snack platters.

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Wines for Tasting:
• Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc
• Paul Cluver Chardonnay
• Paul Cluver Riesling
• Paul Cluver Close Encounter
• Paul Cluver Pinot Noir
• Paul Cluver Late Harvest

House White: Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Paul Cluver Pinot Noir

Entertainment: Joan’s Special Lunch Menu
Lunch (booking essential):
• Freshest, finest ingredients sourced from the Garden of Elgin, prepared in an unpretentious Manner
• Costs per course: Starters: R35-R45; Mains: R60–R 110; Dessert: R35
• Joan’s Special: Fish Pie paired with a glass of Paul Cluver white wine – R 110.00

2:30pm – 5pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Arumdale Special L.Y.C (Sauvignon Blanc) 2011
• Arumdale Shiraz 2007
• Robin Hood series range

House White: Little John
House Red: Robin Hood

Entertainment: Arumdale is hosting 2 live performances

9am – 11:30am

Wines for Tasting:
• Spioenkop Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• Spioenkop Riesling 2011
• ‘1900’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
• ‘1900’ Chenin Blanc 2011
• ‘1900’ Pinotage 2011

House White: ‘1900’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011
House Red: no house red

Entertainment: wine tastings in the Lapa, with explanation from the winemaker | a sensual pairing of Spioenkop Sauvignon Blanc with oysters | hiking trails in the vineyards | a walk in the indigenous garden

11:30am – 2:30pm | lunch venue

Wines for Tasting:
• Sauvignon Blanc 2010
• Rose 2011
• Cabernet Sauvignon 2009/2010

House White: Sauvignon Blanc
House Red: Cabernet Sauvignon

Entertainment: Boule
Lunch: at The Venue@South Hill
• Ploughman’s Platter – cold meat & cheese selection, smoked snoek paté, onion marmalade, tomato & chilli jam & freshly baked Ciabatta loaf – R50 per (serves 1)
• Tasting Platter – 4 different bite-sized treats paired with South Hill MCC, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Rose and Cabernet Sauvignon – R60
• Normal lunch menu is available for guests who would prefer a full dining experience.

2:30pm – 5:00pm

Wines for Tasting:
• Iona Sauvignon Blanc
• Iona “The Gunnar”
• Sophie Teblanche
• Le Rouge

House White: Iona Sauvignon Blanc 2011
House Red: The Gunner 2006

Entertainment: wine tasting in a relaxed atmosphere overlooking the Elgin Valley.

vineyard tour & barrel lunch at beaumont wines on 5 august

Join Beaumont Wines on Sunday 5th of August for lunch in their barrel cellar, starting at 12pm with a glass of Raoul’s White or Rosé and their delicious homegrown almonds and olives. Sebastian will walk you through the vineyards to demonstrate how vines are pruned, before moving into the barrel cellar for lunch. With a seasonal menu designed to accompany our delicious wines, this is a food and wine experience not to be missed.

Menu & Wines @ R355 per head


  • Beaumont Olives
  • Beaumont Almonds
  • Raoul’s White & Rosé


  • Duck, pistachio and porcini terrine served with brioche toasts, pickled gherkins and cherry compote
  • Beaumont Hope Marguerite


  • Lamb, fig and honey tagine served on spiced couscous
  • Beetroot and orange salad to the tables
  • Beaumont Mourvedre


  • Lemon, almond and polenta torte served with crème fraîche and poached apricots
  • Beaumont Goutte D’Or
  • Coffee & Tea

Buy your tickets now as only a limited number of seats are available. Bookings can be made by emailing as well as online at

028 284 9194
Compagnes Drift Farm, Bot River

en pointe at afraid of mice

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Afraid of Mice on Long street: beautiful vintage dresses, designer brands, eye-catching window displays and now one more. They are stocking the prettiest ballet pumps you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Made in Cape Town with 100% leather, they retail at R480. And best of all, if they don’t have the colour you are looking for – they’ll order it in for you.

Afraid of Mice is open 9:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm Saturday.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook for regular updates and photos of the latest and best fashion finds.

021 423 7353
86 Long street, corner Longmarket, Cape Town


you’re never too old for toys

Step into Toitoy and not only will your inner child be released, it will cheer – and very probably launch into that well-known children’s refrain, “I want!”.

The man behind the awesomeness that is ToiToy is Earl Fischhoff. Earl boasts a collection of over 2000 toys, which he started collecting because growing up is, well, rather dull, and because his toys are both fun and colourful. They also offer the excitement of the challenge of tracking down limited editions and individual toys within designer series. Earl’s passion for these toys was something he wanted to share, which led to ToiToy.

What will you find at Toitoy? For starters, the Kidrobot for Swatch range. Kidrobot and Swatch invited eight contemporary artists to each put their unique mark on one of these highly collectible pairs. Featuring the extraordinary talents of artists Gary Baseman, Jeremyville, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, MAD, Tara McPherson, SSUR, and Tilt, these unique combos are treasured and closely guarded.

On Saturday, Toitoy will unveil stock of the Kidrobot Bots mini series and Toby’s Secret Society mini series. The Toby series is a complete series done by Gary Baseman.

And if that’s not enough, from next week, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Joe Ledbetter Zodiac Mini series, which promises to be amazing.

Find Toitoy in Kloof Street or the V & A Waterfront. Alternatively, visit their website and online store where they’re offering free delivery for all orders between R300 and R400.

49 Kloof Street, Gardens
& A Waterfront
082 320 2236