POSibility POS System – TabletPOS

Shouldn’t your point of sale be as innovative as you?

Meet the largest mobile Cloud Based Point of Sale system, crafted specifically for the hospitality industry in South Africa, that runs entirely on iPads, iPods and iPhones.


Our system runs on Apple hardware which is readily available in many countries worldwide, there is no need to install and buy special hardware.


Your staff can take orders directly at the table using an iPod Touch and our optimized interface. Orders are dispatched in realtime over your local wireless network.


We streamline the checkout process at time of payment, no matter if its split payments or multiple payment methods.



You dont need to be an engineer. We have not tried to re-invent the way you use POS. We firmly believe your staff should require minimum training when upgrading to iKentoo. We strive for ease of use and speed of use.


No server required in your kitchen. Keep your business running even when your internet connection drops or is unstable. iKentoo has a unique server-less protocol for POS to POS communication keeping your tables in sync at all times across devices.


Your staff can take orders directly at the table using an iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini and our optimized interface. Orders are dispatched in realtime over your local wireless network. We also streamline the checkout process at time of payment, no matter if its split payments or multiple payment methods.


Anytime and Anywhere. Our secure cloud solution provides continuous backups and realtime data ensuring your business is operational 24/7 and you know how your business is doing at all times.


Our system runs on Apple hardware which is readily available in many countries worldwide, there is no need to install and buy special hardware.


Keep track of your staff and help them keep track of their working hours with our integrated Clocking In solution.

Learn more at http://tabletpos.co.za/

win unlimited yoga for one month at air yoga meditation atelier

Vanessa was a Mysore-practising, freelance graphic designer in the UK when she traveled to Mysore in India and, within three weeks of arriving, met her husband, Neal. After traveling and teaching yoga around Asia, including running a yoga school in Bali, they decided it was time to return to Europe. The return journey included a stop in Cape Town to visit Vanessa’s mother and it was in Cape Town that Vanessa’s and Neal’s lives took a surprising turn.

Vanessa and Neal had wanted to create an accessible space, free from dogma, where students could feel comfortable regardless of whether they’d been practising yoga for years or complete beginners whose knowledge extended little further than being able to spell “yoga”, but had no immediate plans to do so. That changed when they spotted the perfect space at the Woodstock Exchange, and the life they envisioned back in the UK was replaced with a move to Cape Town.

AIR Yoga Meditation Atelier offers a range of yoga styles, including but not limited to:

Mysore style is traditional Ashtanga yoga, as taught in Mysore India by the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois. It is a unique class where you will practice a set sequence of postures at your own pace while a teacher gives you individual guidance and adjustments. As you progress through the series you will receive new postures. Suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Jivamukti means “liberation while living.” This style of yoga emerged in 1984 from one of New York City’s best-known yoga studios. It is a study of how Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga incorporates into spiritual teachings and philosophies, placing special emphasis on how these apply to daily life. Classes can give you a good workout in a supportive and uplifting environment.

This class draws on knowledge from Indian Hatha asanas, Chinese medicine and Buddhist practices to work on balancing the mind and body. Holding shapes for long periods of time that stress the connective tissues and redirect energy to vital organs. Encouraging surrender, softening and release. Yin yoga complements a fast and energetic Ashtanga yoga or other Yang styles of practice.

Mysore Ashtanga is relatively unknown in Cape Town and while it does require some commitment – three times a week for the first month is suggested – it is a wonderful way to learn a meditative personal yoga practice.

To give you an idea of why Mysore is so highly rated and seen by many as the best way to learn Ashtanga, pop over to Lilablog to read Frances Prema Harjeet’s beautifully-worded and easy to understand thoughts on this style.

Two aspects Frances mentions resonate strongly with me and I believe goes a long way towards helping newcomers to yoga feel a lot less intimidated:

Poses are taught in a way that is right for that specific body, with its own limitations and strengths. It’s a very individualized process, yet firmly rooted in a tradition and a community.

I like that I can stop and ask for help, without it feeling like I’m disrupting the whole class. I like the personalization of the practice; I love that I feel like I am alone, doing my own thing, while simultaneously feeling supported by the group dynamic.

AIR Yoga Meditation Atelier is giving three B-guided readers the chance to win one month’s unlimited yoga. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have considered joining a studio or for more experienced students looking for something a little different.

As a bonus, if the winners opt for Mysore in their free month, they will get a 20% discount on the second month’s fees.

To enter, email your contact details to info@b-guided.co.za by 30 August using AIRyoga in the subject line, leave a comment on our Facebook page or Tweet @bguidedSA using #AIRYoga.

In the meantime, pop over to the AIR website to learn more about the various styles, teachers and classes, check them out on Facebook or Twitter or call the studio on 073 584 2978.

la muerte agave de jalisco – win a bottle

Rui Esteves travelled throughout Mexico to bring the best handcrafted agave spirit to South Africans. The reason it’s called agave spirit and neither mescal nor tequila is because, while it’s made in the tequila region of Mexico, it’s actually made like mescal.

Once the Blue Weber Agave plants reach full maturity at ten years, their hearts (piñas) are harvested by hand and then cooked for three days in traditional stone ovens. After the slow-bake, the piñas are crushed and placed in open wooden tanks for a natural 10-day fermentation. The “agave wine” is then distilled in a copper alembique still to produce a clear spirit with a rich agave flavour before resting it in lightly-charred French oak barrels for 10 months. The result is smooth and earthy, with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla.

To win a bottle of La Muerte Agave De Jalisco from Collective São Gabriel, either Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter.
Entries close 2 September 2011.

To find out more about Collective São Gabriel’s products, contact Rui Esteves on 083 653 9976 or email ruiesteves@me.com

fnb whisky live festival

Showcasing whiskies from all around the world, the FNB Whisky Live Festival has grown into the largest, liveliest whisky and lifestyle event of its kind, attracting more visitors and brands than any other whisky festival – globally. Whether you’re already a passionate connoisseur of the elixir that is whisky, a first-time taster, or an every-man enthusiast keen to learn, see, taste more, the FNB Whisky Live Festival has something for you. Every glass of every dram – new or old – holds some new mystery, some new discovery.

Our top stops on this journey of discovery?

Travel the whisky trails of the world in our Tasting Hall where over 180 whiskies are available for sampling. Click here to find out about the Whiskies at the 2011 Festival. The Tasting Hall is also home to a variety of wonderful first-come, first-serve educational and entertainment zones. For more on this year’s tasting hall treats and surprises, click here.

But why stop there when the journey could lead you into one of our world-renowned whisky workshops, where global master distillers reveal the secrets that go into every drop of every dram? Hosted by whisky experts in private rooms away from the crowd, these one-hour tutorials not only open up a world of discovery, they provide the opportunity to taste unique whiskies generally not available in the Tasting Hall or even in South Africa. For more on what workshops will be wowing visitors this year, click here.

This year, Volvo has created The Volvo Whisky Lifestyle Lounge, the perfect place to entertain and network with friends and clients in complete luxury, while tasting unique whiskies not available to the masses. For more about The Lounge, click here.

But if you’re really looking to impress, or just treat yourself – we recommend The Volvo Connoisseur’s Experience – The Ultimate Guided Whisky Tour. Arrive in chauffeur-driven Volvo luxury; take a personalised guided tour of the festival; marvel at ‘Connoisseurs-only tastings’; and finish with a deluxe dinner in the Volvo Whisky Lifestyle Lounge. With only two tours per night and extremely limited numbers, tickets do sell out. Book now. For more on this unforgettable experience, click here.

Like what you’ve tasted? You’ll find it, onsite, at the Picardi Rebel store. Plus, be sure to look out for plenty of special promotions AND don’t forget to use your discount voucher (valid until 11th November). Just sharing the wonders of whisky – no thanks necessary!

R190 per person. Ticket includes entry into the Tasting Hall; 12 whisky tasting vouchers; a whisky tasting glass; a copy of the SA Whisky Handbook 2012; a bottle of Valpré water; a R15 discount voucher, redeemable at the Picardi Rebel onsite retail shop on any purchase of malt whisky to the value of R350 or more; and a R10 food voucher, redeemable at food delis within the Tasting Hall.

For more information visit the website or buy your ticket at Webtickets

what’s the big deal at wine style?

Wine Style is a website and magazine devoted to wine, food and travel, and the lifestyles that revolve around all three. As the team at Wine Style loves wine and loves their community of readers, it stands to reason that they love recommending great wine at great prices, especially with their Big Deal. Every month they pull some strings and somehow manage to get a once-off deal with a great winemaker to sell delicious wine at big discounts for a limited time.

This month you have the chance to buy Ernie Els’ 2010 Merlot at 35percent less, saving over R580!

This is the wine for winter and here’s why you should buy it:

  • Merlot is soft and juicy and can be drunk now, or cellared for a year or two
  • Original price is R140 per bottle, but Wine Style is selling it exclusively for a limited time for R91
  • Succulent, with a creamy texture, the tannins are fine but mouth-coating and provide a good frame to the sultry flavours.
  • Chocolate and cedar spice linger on the close.
  • It tastes better than sinking a 100 meter putt in front of your future father-in-law to win the match (and his beautiful daughter)
  • We love Ernie and the best way to show our love is by drinking his wines
  • It’s from a posh award-winning winery; you can really brag to your friends

What’s more:

  • If you buy three cases, Wine Style will send you a bottle of the Ernie Els Proprietor’s Syrah worth R210 free of charge. This wine is on strict allocation from the winery and is impossible to get hold of.
  • If you buy two cases, they’ll send you an Ernie Els golf cap. Either way, you win – big time.

And it that’s not enough:

  • Delivery is free and Wine Style delivers a week after the deal has closed.

For more info and to order the Ernie Els Big Deal, click here.

Visit the Wine Style website where you can sign up for the free newsletter or subscribe to their stunning quarterly print magazine for just R140 per year.

win tickets to summer wine party #2 at simon’s at groot constantia

You heard right, it’s not just another average wine show; it’s a party. This time you get to taste the ‘Best of the Best’, while rubbing shoulders with the wine makers who create your favourite wines. Enjoy a day of fantastic wine, great food and live music, under the trees surrounding Simon’s Restaurant on the beautiful Groot Constantia Estate. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to see summer off in style.

WineStyle Magazine is a beautiful quarterly wine, food and travel publication with an up to date website hosting the best of the best in South African food, wine and travel! This year WineStyle is hosting a wine show like none other!

It’s not a wine trade show; it’s a celebration of food and wine. It’s for people who appreciate good wine, and who like to have fun. Guests are encouraged to engage, taste, drink, eat and pick up a few wine tips in the process. A menu of tapas, gourmet picnic snacks and charcuterie boards will be available to purchase, along with bottles of wine – and should be enjoyed with friends and family, whilst relaxing and listening to some tunes.

  • Venue: Simon’s restaurant – Groot Constantia Cape Town
  • Date: this Friday and Saturday, 15 & 16 March (Friday 4-10pm & Saturday 12-10 pm)
  • Capacity: 500 people per day
  • Tickets: R100.00 per person attending (includes a glass & free tasting)
  • Come dressed in Summer whites – and you may win some prizes!

Tickets available at Webtickets but three lucky B-guided readers can win double tickets to the event by either:

  • Emailing your contact details to info@b-guided.co.za with Summer Wine Party as the subject line.
  • Tweeting @bguidedSA and including the hashtag #summerwineparty in your tweet.
  • Leave a comment on the Summer Wine Party update on the B-guided Facebook page

You have until 8am tomorrow (Friday, 15 March) to enter. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

For any further information please contact: Kalinka@wine-style.co.za, call 083 227 1167, or visit the WineStyle website

riebeek valley: majestic mountains, vineyards, olive groves & quaint towns

What is Cape Town’s best kept secret? To some, it’s found not in the Mother City, but about 75km and about an hour’s drive away.

In recent years the Riebeek Valley has become the destination of choice for people looking to escape not only the city, but also many of the busier tourist towns. Surrounded by the breathtaking Kasteelberg, lush vineyards and olive groves, the quaint towns of Riebeek Kasteel, Riebeek West and (albeit perhaps to a lesser extent) Hermon offer a taste of sophisticated country hospitality, eclectic shops, renowned wines and olives, and restaurants, delis and cafés to satisfy even the fussiest foodie.

Regular readers of B-guided may have noticed the slowly expanding Out of Town Inspiration section on the website. The most recent addition, as you’ve probably guessed, is the increasingly popular Riebeek Valley, which has been sorted into five categories:

  • eat: restaurants, cafés and coffee shops
  • sleep: boutique accommodation
  • play: shopping, gifts & décor, body & beauty, art galleries and markets
  • wine & olives: the best places for wine, wine tasting, olives, olive oil & olive products
  • wedding black book: for couples looking for the perfect country wedding in a stylish setting

From delicious cakes to country cooking using seasonal, local produce, pizzas to French-style bistro fare, tea gardens to high tea in an historic hotel. Don’t miss:

  • Ed’s Diner: purveyors of good country food and classic cars and bikes
  • Bar Bar Black Sheep: rustic, slow cooked country fare & local boutique &garagiste wines
  • Beans About Coffee: roasters & suppliers of the finest, freshest, best coffee in town

A variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets whether private, fully equipped, air-conditioned luxury or cosy cottages on a working farm, an historic hotel or a country inn, self-catering or B&B. Try:

  • Bloemendal: a tranquil & luxurious, fully-equipped 2-bed self catering cottage
  • Kasteelberg: a landmark guesthouse owner-run by radio personality Allan Barnard & Frenchman Julien Debray
  • Royal Hotel: historic, 150 year-old hotel offering old world luxury at affordable prices

And current readers’ favourite, Travellers Rest, who are running a winter special. Details here

Shop for gorgeous gifts & décor, clothing & jewellery, homebakes & other edible delights, take in a gallery and invest in local art, indulge in country pampering, or get creative; there’s lots to see and do in between all the relaxation:

  • Deli-co Butchery: a traditional, family butchery that delivers fresh from the farm (including to the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town!)
  • Calamata Spa: a day spa in a relaxed, farm setting
  • Fat Green Frog: the biggest little bead store in South Africa
  • The Gallery: original paintings, ceramics and sculptures by local artists
  • Aitsa: jams, honey, rusks, preserves; cushions, jewellery, gifts & more

No visit is complete without sampling – and buying – the renowned local wines and olives:

  • Goedgedacht: well known olive oil and olive & fruit dressings in aid of Goedgedacht Trust
  • The Wine Kollective: Swartland wines at cellar door prices and free wine tasting on weekends
  • Allesverloren: historic winery owned by Danie Malan, the fifth generation Malan on the Swartland estate

Wedding venues and wedding services for the ultimate country wedding, whether a casual, intimate affair for close family and friends or a lavish banquet for 300:

  • Het Vlock Kasteel: fairytale weddings in a Medieval-inspired castle
  • Karibu Wedding Experience: preparation, chapel & finishing touch packages, including a luxury suite
  • Luv’it: vintage wedding & event décor to hire

So there you have it: plenty of fabulous options, whether you’re in need of a quick break, weekend getaway or a holiday with enough time to explore the region and beyond. To see even more, visit Out of Town Inspiration and start planning.

glasshouse rejuvenation for men specials for july & august 2012

Glasshouse is the perfect place for men to indulge in relaxing, rejuvenating treatments along with little extras like a hot cappuccino, a cold beer or an exclusive whiskey and your favourite news channel on a large screen T.V. All in all, a truly luxurious haven, for men only.

Current specials at Glasshouse are:

  • Chocolate Back Treatment
  • Back and shoulder massage, choc paraffin back wrap & head massage – 45min, R350
  • Chocolate Pedicure, Express pedi, foot massage & choc paraffin dip – 60min, R350
  • Get Groomed Package: haircut, wet shave & express facial – 90min, R465 (normally R710)
  • Man on the Go Package: Express facial and 30min Swedish massage – 60min for R465 (normally R620)
  • Head to Toe Package: Express mani OR pedi & haircut – 60min for R275 (normally R340)

Hair specials:

  • NEW! Travel size Ref packs: include a 75ml sulfate free shampoo, 50ml sulfate free conditioner and a 10ml Argan oil for just R200. Available in Volume, Repair, Moisture and Colour. Full sizes available as well. Available while stocks last.
  • NEW! Redken Chemistry Treatment: an intense deep conditioning, treatment which helps repair and strengthen hair. It also makes dry hair soft again or frizzy hair smooth. Chemistry Express – 10 min, R240; Chemistry Intense – 20 min, R260
  • Redken grooming packs: get your favourite Redken Shampoo and styling aid in a masculine toiletry bag for a special limited offer of R 400. While stocks last.

All the above specials are valid until the end of August 2012.

021 419 9599/8
Unit 110a The Foundry
74 Prestwich Street


get fit and have fun with flamenco dance by la rosa flamenco company

La Rosa is well known and loved for its vibrant, passionate Flamenco productions with casts of talented musicians, singers and dancers that play to enthralled audiences in an around Cape Town. Lesser known, perhaps, is that La Rosa also offers flamenco and Spanish dance classes, an exciting and fun way to get fit and healthy and learn a new skill.

Evening adult classes and courses offer more than just flamenco techniques. Students get to explore Spanish culture, its traditions and innovations, while fostering cultural bonds and an awareness of cultural diversity.

A somewhat more informal and perhaps even more fun approach to this art form is the Saturday morning Flamenco Boot Camp. As can be seen from the poster below it offers a comprehensive ‘tool kit’ for the basics of rhythm and technique. And at only R360 for the full six weeks, it’s perhaps one of the least expensive ways we’ve seen to have fun and get fit.

La Rosa also offers children’s classes. Previously, students had to travel into the city, but lessons are now available in Sea Point, Woodstock, Table View, Kenridge and Westlake (Tokai). More details in the image below.

Be sure not to miss en el Tablao Flamenco, La Rosa’s new production in association with Artscape. Tablao, meaning ‘wooden stage’ in Spanish, refers to the small piece of wooden floor used in flamenco performance. Featuring the cream of South Africa’s flamenco dancers, singers and musicians, this production explores the dynamics of Spanish night-life during the early 1940s. Beauty, grace, passion, pride and a touch of humour are juxtaposed with exploitation and soul-searching in this unique staging of flamenco.

En el Tablao Flamenco is on at the Oude Libertas Amphitheatre from 30 January to 2 February and at the Artscape Theatre from 14 to 23 February. Full details can be found here or click here to go straight to Computicket to book online.

For more information about La Rosa, classes and the show visit the website, call 021 461 4201 / 4301 and find La Rosa on Facebook and Twitter

the galileo returns for an exciting new season


Did you know that the very first multi-reel full length movie was not an American production? This honour belongs to Australia, where The Story of the Kelly Gang was made in 1906. Australia also boasts one of the first open-air cinemas, which is still running today and recognised as the world’s oldest “picture garden”. Sun Pictures officially opened in Broome on 9 December 1916, and screened the silent move ‘Kissing Cup’ (an English Racing Drama) with a supporting comic, “Bachelor Brown’.

Capetonians, luckily, don’t need to travel all the way Western Australia to enjoy the delights of a “picture garden”. We have The Galileo – which returns later this month and runs until April 2015 – at Kirstenbosch (Wednesdays), Hillcrest Quarry (Tuesdays) and the V&A Waterfront (Thursdays).

Besides the regular line-up featuring top comedies, cult classics, adventure sports, documentaries and action flicks, a few special events are being introduced, including a Halloween event on 31 October, a Valentine’s evening on 14 February (at Groot Constantia) and six Saturday shows in the Stellenbosch and Somerset West wine region.

Doors open at 6pm sharp and the movie starts as soon as it is dark (between 7.30 and 8.15pm). It’s best to arrive early to take advantage of the market vibe before the show and reserve your spot on the lawn with a comfy backrest and a warm blanket, both of which are available for hire.

Mouth-watering artisanal food, wine and bar drinks will all be on sale. Come hungry and tuck into some insanely good nachos, a beefy Argentinian sandwich, straight-out-of-the-oven pizza or decadent brownies. Freshly made popcorn is a given, of course!

The season opens at Kirstenbosch on 31 October with ‘The Exorcist’ and is followed (in no particular order) by blockbusters like ‘Grease’, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Ice’ and, well, far too many great movies to mention in this article. The full programme can be seen here

Ticket prices this year are:

  • Standard: R70
  • Warm: R79 (plus blanket)
  • Comfy: R88 (plus backrest)
  • Warm & comfy: R95 (plus blanket and backrest)

For more information on each venue and to purchase tickets, visit The Galileo website. Ticket sales are now open.

V&A Waterfront