The Velvet Cake Co

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Lower Loop Street is home to a divinely quaint place called the Velvet Cake Co. If you love cake and scrumptiously delicious muffins, quiches and all things nice, then this is the destination to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The décor of The Velvet Cake Co. makes one feel like you have stepped off the street straight into wonderland, surrounded by endless wonders that look so delectable, one wants to purchase absolutely everything.

Every single treat in sight is handmade with love, excellence and only the highest quality available, therefore no item is ever exactly the same, but every exquisite item is always superb.

The cakes are endlessly enthralling but the quiches and muffins are equally out of this world. There is a 24hour ordering time that is imperative if you are placing an order for cakes, not on display. The Velvet Cake Co. caters for any event and they have the fairy godmother ability to transform every event, party or gathering into dream come true moments to remember forever.

The Velvet Cake Co. caters for any event and they have the fairy godmother ability to transform every event, party or gathering into dream come true moments to remember forever.

Not only do they do large orders and sell mouthwatering products but they also sell one of the best cups of coffee in town, using only Bean There Coffee beans, the aroma coupled with a slice of salmon & cream cheese quiche is heavenly, to say the least.

Make a point to go and indulge at The Velvet Cake Co. the next time you’re in Loop Street, or visit their website with its wonderful gallery to allure you to come down there and try something awesome.

Shakespeare at Maynardville

Both the names Shakespeare and Maynardville open air theatre have rich and well beloved long histories, when these two names are joined, one is faced with the incredibly famous Shakespeare in the park productions that have been a resident experience enjoyed by hundreds and thousands of Shakespearean lovers as well as the general public alike since the Shakespeare in-the-park inception by Maynard open air theatre in 1955. Continue reading “Shakespeare at Maynardville”

The Best burger spots in Cape Town

There is nothing like the burger. According to legend, a man from Athens, Texas by the name of Fletcher Davis was the first person to have served, or at least invented what is known as the burger. It was two slices of bread, jam packed with ground beef patties, bermuda onions and had a pickle on the side. The burger has come a long way since the 1880’s and the mouth watering options that are now available to us is far from simple and ordinary… there is no end to the burger and especially in the Mother City, the heart of the creative soul, below are some of the best burger spots known and loved by everyone! Continue reading “The Best burger spots in Cape Town”

Strawberry picking in Cape Town

It’s a summers day trip that will treat the entire family, if not just couples or strawberry lovers alone, and who doesn’t love strawberries. There is a completely different air about picking and eating your own fruit, perhaps it’s the realisation that mother nature provided these beautifully delicious morsels through hard labour and taking it from her bosom just makes it all the more delightful to devour. Cape Town has two of the top strawberry farms, and each of them have their own unique flavour of activities and entertainment. Below is a run down on these incredible places, make sure to go and take a whole day off to experience the phenomenal joy in strawberry picking.

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Cape Town Day Tours

Whether you have come to visit one of the world’s most beautiful cities with its 7th natural wonder of the world set majestically in the heart of all its splendor, for a day or a month, day tours are extremely appealing. They appeal not only to tourists who have a large bucket list to complete, but also to the average Joe who is a born and bred Capetonian and who wants something to do with the family that is not only cost effective, which day tours usually are, but will offer an exciting excursion as well as an array of wonderful sites to see in a single day. Below is a comprehensive list of companies that offer day tours as part of their packages and whose pricing is definitely not steep, and the best value for money as well as excellence.

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Bikes ‘n Wines

At no. 32 Loop Street lies the answer to adventuring through Cape Town with a healthy difference – Bikes ‘n Wines. Their bicycles are all on site and range from state of the art vintage, mountain and road bicycles. The tours are either half or full day, and there are a select few options that offer exciting overnight tours.

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Tuning the Vine

It is all about wine and Tuning the Vine is simply divine. If you’re a lover of the finer delicacies that the grape produces and have a palette to appreciate all things wine related then Tuning the Vine is something which should not be missed. You can book any 6 dates in the year, any 3 dates or any two dates, and the prices are as fine as the selections of the wines.

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#CTLucky7: Fairy tale adventures for real life

Go full werewolf and howl at the moon, make like a troll and explore the city by underground tunnels and explore shipwrecks “under da sea” with these seven fairy tale adventures in Cape Town.

1. Explore an underwater wonder-world

Make like the Little Mermaid and dive through an underwater world of shipwrecks. With a whopping 500 plus wrecks off the Cape Peninsula, there’s lots to feel your way through “under da sea”. Read more here

2. Go full werewolf!

Howl at the full moon from a mountaintop as you join our town’s villagers in their monthly pilgrimage up Lion’s Head. Or get off the beaten track and take another of Cape Town’s ethereal moonlit walks. Read more here

3. Listen to ancient tales 

Thousands of years of history live in the veld at !Khwa ttu, where a San guide will share his stories of spirits and adventure and, if you ask nicely, show you how to use a bow and arrow.

4. Do a Cinderella

Travel up Cape Town designer Stefania Morland’s magic staircase to a world of luxurious silks, beaded dresses and gold-stitched gowns. Then transform yourself into a princess for a night, or longer… Read more here

5. Transport yourself to a different realm

Get lost in the rhythms, harmonies and plays of light as electro beats at Cape Town’s top dance clubs transport you into another realm. Read more here

6. Make like a troll

Make like a troll and explore Cape Town’s hidden underground tunnels. This expert guide will take you through dark, cobbled canals that opened to the streets in the early 1700s. Read more here

7. Learn a magical art

Learn the magical art of meditation and create your own paradise of calm, power and beauty at the Tibetan Buddhist meditation centre in Cape Town. Read more here

4 must-do trail races in and around Cape Town

If you’re serious about trail running — we’re talking the long-distance, hardcore variety – make sure record setter Andre Gie’s top picks are on your bucket list. He shares a few tips, too.

1. The first race on my list is the Otter African Trail Run (42 kilometres). This iconic race along the Garden Route has some of the best trails anywhere in the world. You run along the rocky ragged coastline and the race offers up some perfect coastal single-track. It really is perfect…but also brutal.

2. Next on the list is the Table Mountain Challenge (also 42 kilometres). This loop around Table Mountain is a lot tougher than everyone thinks!

3. An even tougher mountain trail is the Cederberg Traverse – 100 kilomeres of running in the Cederberg mountains. You really feel completely isolated when you run in these wild, big mountains. It’s an unmarked course along great trails through perfect orange sandstone formations with a proper wilderness element.

4. Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without Cape Town’s classic ultra marathon, The PUFfeR (80 kilometres). You run the length of the peninsula over Table Mountain. No need to say anything more.

These days I don’t race too much; instead, I look for runs that are wild and inspire me. I prefer to run in the autumn and winter months when the weather is challenging — it makes for a full adventure and adds to the experience of being out on the mountain.

I try to carry as little as possible with me. I drink from the water on the mountain and carry a little food if I am out on a longer run. It just feels so much better not to be running with gear and junk weighing you down! But for long runs and in the winter I carry a lightweight wind shell — my favourite is the Salomon fastwing jacket — and a small headlamp. In summer, if it’s very hot and there is little water on the mountain, then some water and electrolyte tablets are essential.

Always remember that mountain trails are wild areas, and you are responsible for yourself and your safety. Take into account how familiar you are with the area and how comfortable you are running through the mountains before hitting any trail.

Scenic stops and spots along the garden Route

The Garden Route is a term heard by many travellers to Cape Town, or surrounds, it is South Africa’s most beautiful stretch of land, topping the incredibly scenic spots and stops around the country. Its greens and golds, its high mountain peaks and wide expanses of white sanded beaches are famous to not only the international traveller but to many local travellers as well. The Garden Route is generally understood to stretch from Cape Town all the way along the coast to the Storms River which lies in the heart of the Eastern Cape, however the Garden Route actually only begins at Mossel Bay and for this reason so will the list of our scenic stops and spots. Continue reading “Scenic stops and spots along the garden Route”