Monday, September 24, 2018
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Cities are now considered to be the new super-brands in travel with close to 80% of the world’s travellers defined as urban travellers. Successful cities of the future are those that stand out from the rest and see to the needs of a new type of traveller — responsible, connected, conscientious and design-focused urban tourists.

In this new age, Cape Town ticks all the right boxes. It is a city boasting world-class infrastructure and amenities, a host of leisure attractions and authentic natural beauty situated no more than 20 minutes from the downtown core with a thriving creative industry. Sure, leisure is at the top of most travellers’ bucket lists, but for those coming for business, Cape Town tops the charts too.

Being reliant largely on its natural beauty to increase travel for so long also meant having to have stringent measures in place to counter any negative impacts on the environment and local communities…

Tourism is built around relationships and partnerships — with government, the private sector, local communities and naturally, the environment. In tourism we work side by side to ensure that the environment and indigenous cultures are preserved while still allowing travellers to have the holiday of a lifetime.

For responsible and urban tourists alike, a great destination is a place that offers multiple ways in which to experience the city as authentically and conscientiously as possible — getting under the skin of the city…

Continuing along this path, Cape Town’s tourism industry is set to grow from strength to strength as its well-kept natural attractions and genuine cultural offerings add to the allure of its urban heart.

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