Cape Town’s electronic-only festival pioneers the best beats

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival brings progressive beats out the basement and onto the main stage.

Cape Town’s electronic scene is diverse, energised but mostly underground and misunderstood by those not in “the know”. The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is doing big work to change all that, showcasing the best electronic music the city has to offer and introducing the genre to new audiences, both local and visitors.

Taking place in early February, the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival has only been around since 2012, but already it has a solid reputation for bringing the most innovative, relevant and thrilling acts to its stages. Top local acts are given the chance to perform in front of the most enthusiastic (and critical) of crowds, while international pioneers such as Four Tet come to show off their skills and entertain until there’s no more sweat to be sweated.

They take their electro seriously at this festival. In addition to live acts, festival goers can attend a number of workshops and specialised showcases over the course of three days.

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is held in the iconic Cape Town City Hall in the city centre. Come feel this Edwardian building reverberate with progressive beats.

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