Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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The amount of information available on the internet can be so overwhelming and most websites are not comprehensive enough to contain an answer to all your questions, Cape Town Superb is one of those all encompassing websites to make planning your trip to Cape Town as efficient as possible.

Cape Town Stadium of LightsThe website contains all the major attractions in Cape Town, which is essentially your first step on ticking off your bucket list for your visit. Then if you happen to be on a strict budget, they also have articles such as 5 things to do in Cape Town for under R50 or R100.

Choosing your accommodation can be a tricky thing, its not always possible to retrieve the right kind of information on any place to stay in a foreign country, however Cape Town Superb delivers first hand information, based solely on facts and experience. There are a range of suggested hotels and exquisite places to stay such as the Table Bay Hotel Night time in the capeor the exquisite Twelve Apostles Hotel that has an out of this world spa with the option of experiencing the rare Arabic cleansing ritual in an authentic Rasul chamber with a rain shower.

Activities are listed in full-length detailed articles, which give you a first person perspective on experiencing the enthralling things to do in and around Cape Town such as Shark Cage Diving, Tandem Sky Diving, Paragliding or even a exciting helicopter ride to get a birds eye view of the Cape Town at nightMother City. Places of interest such as the phenomenal World of Birds and the Aquila Game Reserve, and the list can go on and on, there is something about everything and their list is updated every single day with fresh new content, so if you have seen the easy to navigate the website once, you must go back again and again to be enticed by their new content.

The mission of Cape Town Superb is to allow Tourists and visitors to the beautiful city and surrounds to have an incredibly concise information hub that contains true first hand knowledge. A place where the articles are your guide to enjoying and experiencing Cape Town to the maximum.

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