Cape Town Stadium

Fondly known as the ‘stadium of lights’, the colourful artistic elements that change the appearance of the stadium from blue at noon, rose in the late afternoon and the sunset causes the filigree skin to glow red. When its stormy weather the stadium appears as a pewter grey or silver. At night when the 360 internal lamps are switched on the stadium appears pellucid, revealing the thrilling inside of the magnificent structure.

1024px-Cape_Town_Stadium_Aerial_ViewThe Cape Town Stadium was built specifically for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, being one of the 10 stadiums in South Africa hosting the games. The stadium is 15 stories high and is sheathed in a translucent fabric mesh, made from woven fiberglass coated with Teflon. The Stadium seats up to 55,000 fans, has a pitch of 13 535m², 120 wheelchair bays, 2 gigantic Video screens, 530 toilets and 64 hospitality suites.

4300749826_15d8872f4b_oThe stadium is located on the edge of Green Point in Fritz Sonnenberg Road, between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean. The stadiums construction cost was R4.4 billion. Ajax Cape Town has been using the stadium as their home ground.The stadium is open for hosting private events and you can find the rates on their website. Film and photo shoots are also welcome for a small fee, as well as conferences in the beautifully elegant facilities available.

Why not take an awesome tour around the stadium, learning about the architecture, construction and design behind the stadium. You will also have a fabulous opportunity to peak into the locker rooms that have seen the greatest football players from around the world. Tours end at the memorabilia shop.

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