Cape Town Helicopters Take You Zip Lining

The highly professional and friendly pilots of Cape Town Helicopters are ready to whisk you away in a first class helicopter from their immaculate fleet and into one of the most breathtakingly exquisite areas in the Western Cape, The Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve which forms part of the Cape Fold Belt and is in the Hottentots Holland Mountain range which is the barrier between the Cape Town Metropolitan and the Southern Overberg Coast. The area that Cape Town Helicopters will escort you to is approximately 90km South East of Cape Town, and this 70, 000 hectare region is a proud World Heritage Site. The entire area is scattered with still natural pools of magical proportions, bright and beautiful wild flowers as well as the towering rocky mountains of unbelievable majesty.

The mountainous terrain is perfect for the zip lining experience that you will be undertaking, its thrillingly beautiful and amazingly awe-inspiring. The Hottentots Holland Nature reserves peaks reach altitudes of 1590m. Most of the areas that are now experienced by zip liners were previously unreachable and largely unknown. The zip lining tours are fully guided and incredible. Cape Town Helicopters will take you over the divine magnificence of the Hottentots Holland mountainous region to where you will have a safety briefing and be kitted out at the reception. It is from here that you will be taken on a 4×4 voyage high into the mountain range. There are two guides for every group, the guides are extremely well versed on the nature and geology of the area as well as being expert zip liners. The zip lining experience does not only take you over and through the greenest and most magical of terrains, but through the epically awesome valleys and past the remarkably grand waterfalls as well.

Those taking this incredible flight and zip lining experience are cautioned to be of a medium fitness level due to the fact that there is a small 1km hike which takes you up and out of the mountainous range when the tour is complete. Also regrettably, pregnant individuals may not partake in the zip lining experience at all. Further than that, as long as you bring warm clothing and comfortable shoes and you don’t weigh more than 120kg but are however in a fairly fit shape, this zip lining experience is the journey for you, so head over to Cape Town Helicopters and enjoy an experience of a lifetime in one of the most incredible settings in the Western Cape.

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