Cape Town Helicopters goes Shark Cage Diving

Cape Town Helicopters brings you the golden award best destinations for responsible tourism, Gansbaai, and with it, one of the most thrilling experiences that you will ever have, cage diving with one of the worlds most feared and misunderstood creatures, the Great White Shark. Flying from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront to Gansbaai, provides a momentously beautiful scenery of mile long snow white sandy beaches and the magnificent cliffs of De Kelders, then there is Dyer Island which is the Capital of the world to the Great White Shark. Cape Town Helicopters flies you to this incredible mind blowing area over the ancient milk wood forests where you may choose your company from the recommended top of their class shark cage diving experts and journey into shark alley where the experience is everything you could possibly imagine and more.

Whilst you are whisked away toward Dyer Island on a boat, which is only a few kilometres south of Gansbaai, your highly professional pilot from Cape Town Helicopters will await your return. Dyer Island, which is home to an approximation of 50, 000 penguins as well as the same amount of Cape Fur Seals and countless marine bird life, is the place to find the ‘White Death’ or so the Great White Shark has been nicknamed. The Great White Shark is known for its incredible size, which in males reaches up to 16ft whereas the females grow in incredible lengths reaching up to 20ft. The ‘White Pointer’ has been estimated to live as long as 70 years which makes the shark one of the longest living cartilaginous fish on earth to date. The Great White Shark can reach speeds in the water of up to 56km/h for short bursts. This wrongly named ‘ferocious man eater’ made famous by Spielberg’s blockbuster film Jaws, does not prefer human beings on its menu, but is however sadly responsible for the greatest amount of reported fatally unprovoked attacks by sharks on humans.

To witness this incredible monstrosity in all its magnificence right in front of your eyes, is something remarkably awesome and unforgettable. The Great White experience with its counter shading, its razor sharp teeth and its absolute perfection in being is a definite voyage to undertake, Cape Town Helicopters brings you this unbelievably mind blowing journey and waits for your return to fly you once again across the pristine white beaches of pearly beach and the cliffs of De Kelders, safely back to land at the base at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

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