Cape Town Helicopters brings you the Full Peninsula tour

The great expanse of the Cape Peninsula is as vast as it is divinely breathtaking, with rocky formations jutting out into the wide blue open ocean that makes up the mighty Atlantic. It is along this incredible expanse of land and sea that Cape Town Helicopters will fly you to witness the most incredible panoramic views that the Western Cape has to offer. The flight starts at the grand Victoria and Alfred Waterfont, and your journey begins toward the magnificence of the famous Cape of Good Hope.

The Cape of Good Hope is interestingly enough the very spot where, when drawing a straight line from the equator to the western side of the African coastline, the point which marks a ships travels veering more eastward than southward. It has also been misconceived to be the southern most tip of the African continent which more accurately is actually 150km East South East from The Cape of Good Hope and named Cape Aghulus. The Cape of Good Hope was however once known as The Cape of Storms, so named by the first European to successfully reach the Cape, Batolomeu Dias. It was only renamed much later to the Cape of Good Hope by John II of Portugal due to the great promise that it held with the trade that had now been opened between the Cape and India. The Cape of Good Hope itself does not only offer magnificent views, especially when being flown by highly professional pilots in one of the top class helicopters that form Cape Town Helicopters elite fleet, but also a magnitude of rich cultural history which the pilots are extremely well versed in.

From the point of the Cape of Good Hope your pilot will allow you to see the Cape Peninsula from every angle possible before whisking you along one of the most incredible coastlines known to man, the False Bay Coastline, once referred to ‘the gulf between the mountains’ by Bartolomeu Dias himself. The climate along this coastline is of a Mediterranean nature. The False Bay coastline is one of the best vantage points if looking to spot a killer whale, there are more often than not large schools of fish scattered along the coastline compromising of snoek and barracuda. Sailing is an incredibly beloved sport along this coastline and the vistas of deep blue together with the myriad sail boats makes for a beautiful expanse for the eyes to rest upon. After flying along this breathtakingly beautiful meandering coastline, Cape Town Helicopters will then land you safely at the base at the V & A Waterfront.

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