Cape Town Fringe Festival

The Festival that ruffles the edges and each cream of the crop production leaves you with a taste of astounding inspired flavorful perfection that does not leave the tongue of the mind for the rest of your life. The Cape Town Fringe Festival is absolute excellence nonstop. There is no precipice that the Festival does not dare to jump and successfully cross and its 17 day feast for the artistic and non artistic soul alike has yet to be rivaled. With world renowned stars and theatrical productions of unforgettable awe-inspiring brilliance, this is a festival unlike any other.

A large part of this extravagant Festival is funded by the City of Cape Town amongst many other great sponsors due to the incredible response and impact that this Festival has on local tourism and the economy of the hosting city in general. Grahamstown’s GDP was R350m richer for hosting the Fringe Festival and even though the Cape Town equivalent only covers a few areas in Cape Town which include the CBD, Langa and various large shopping malls, it is still something on the grandest of scales. The entire Fringe Festival Concept is not an exclusively South African one and actually originated in Edinburgh when a group of independent artists after World War II were made to feel excluded from the Edinburgh Festival, this prompted them to begin their own Festival and so the concept of the Fringe Festival was born. It is famous for its diversity and top notch theatrical productions the world over. The South African version is right there alongside its international counterpart and perhaps to South African a rung higher on the ladder of what it stands for.

The Cape Town Fringe Festival showcases inspirational independent artists meandering through genres of theatre, dance, comedy, jazz and cabaret. Within the theatrical productions the genres include comedy, illusion and magic, musicals of every possible kind, and so much more. There is really something included for every walk of life, and just like the entire genesis of the Fringe Festival concept, there is no one that gets left behind. Every single person who has attended and who will attend the Cape Town Fringe Festival will be inspired and enjoy every moment of the productions enlisted on the carefully planned and perfected programme. This is without a doubt one of those incredible not to be missed things that South Africa, and now the Mother City has to offer. Make sure to visit their beautifully designed website for more information and to tantalise those taste buds, make sure to not miss The Cape Town Fringe Festival.

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