Cape Town Book Fair

Just a stone throw outside the Mother City, lies a city, or intimate town of theatrical extravagance, Darling. It has a culture and a tantalizing aroma of inspiration which can be found nowhere else except in this incredible little place where the Voorkamerfest is resident. The Festival is something unseen anywhere else in the world and even though the festival itself is not big city in size it is bigger than the biggest city in experience, in heart and in absolute enthralling awesomeness.

The well known South African writer and exceptional poet, Danie Marais, as well as the famous Evita Bezuidenhout, known in the darling Voorkamerfest for the performance of Evita se Perron, are two of the most important names alongside many others attending and showcasing at the Voorkamerfest. What is the entire business you ask yourself, well its incredible. The Voorkamerfest is a group of local theatre productions held in the homes of the local people, produced by proudly South African people, with a proudly South African flavor that gives rise to the deeper understanding of the richness and incredible diversity of the South African mentality, way of life and one of a kind existence. The entire festival is attended by and supported by the local people as well as South Africans around the country.

Voorkamerfest only employs local transport services, like your minibus taxis as well as recommending the local bed and breakfasts for accommodation purposes to those travelling to the festival. The experience is rich in all senses of the word, it is unforgettable apart from being one of the greatest forms of inspiration by theatrical performance that one can acquire on South African soil. The next Voorkamerfest takes place in 2017 and you definitely want to diarize something this phenomenal. Visit their official website on and prepare to be inspired and hooked to come back to this Darling festival every single year after.

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