By far the best way to see Cape Town

The wind was blowing quite intensely; the tablecloth that everyone had told me about could be seen on Table Mountain. I arrived at Cape Town Helicopters, eager to fly, having no idea what to expect, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I was Greeted at the door by the friendliest people, weighed and ushered to a cozy viewing area outside that shields one from the wind, with a cooldrink I waited… not even five minutes. A welcoming voice called us in to view a short to the point video on safety regulations. Then we met our pilot, Megan, good-natured, well mannered with a firm handshake. I knew we were in good hands.

Strapped in and ready for take off. The EC120, a spacious lightweight helicopter that can fly approximately 383 Nautical miles on one tank of fuel; an 8-bladed fenestron tail rotor; and the EC 120 is 6.7 decibels lower than the International Civil Aviation Organization limits, making it a far more peaceful experience… which suits me fine, I never liked a large amount of noise. The capacity of this beautiful helicopter is 5 people in total, 4 passengers and the pilot. In my case I was the passenger in front, next to the pilot. What a seat to be had!

Megan advised that the wind would cause some turbulence, but her mannerisms were calming and reassuring and we were all at ease. The main rotor blade began to spin; faster and faster and a few words to ensure safe take off and ‘Roger that!’ we were off. Smooth and easy; up and forward we went. The view from the air, in the quiet EC120 is something one does not really have enough words for. The smaller the world gets around you, the more beautiful and precious it seems. We flew past Devils Peak and Table Mountain, over Constantia Nek, and it looked as though I could touch the peak. Turbulence existed but Megan was such an awesome pilot, she knew exactly when and where the turbulence would be and educated us, so by the time the bumps were felt, we were over them.

Over to Hout Bay, the Ocean; a view of epic proportions. Exhilarating and mind-blowing. The entire Cape Town can be viewed from the air at once. I witnessed the entire expanse of the Mother City on this flight and it rendered me speechless. As a tourist in a new city, one wants to find the best way to consume the place you are in, completely. To have the area known in your memory forever. We always look for better ways to achieve this and to truly indulge in the vast beauty and unimaginable divinity that is Cape Town; there really is no alternative to taking an aerial perspective. A turn over the deep blue ocean, the waves forming patterns everywhere, and back to base. The landing was so gentle and so precisely perfect; I could not believe one could land like that. I sat in the seat for a moment, with a smile I thought to myself… I will definitely be back for another aerial experience of awesomeness with Cape Town Helicopters before I leave Cape Town!

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