Big Bottle: a wine festival where bigger is better!

Dax Villanueva, the writer behind popular Cape Town food, wine, travel and lifestyle blog Relax-With-Dax, is a man of healthy appetites. No surprise then that he says his favourite wine festival in and around Cape Town is one where more is definitely more.

There are some great beer festivals in Cape Town, but wine festivals are more my thing. They are more sophisticated!

There are many great wine festivals in and around Cape Town, but the one that always impresses me is the Big Bottle Festival, which takes place in winter in Cape Town. At this festival all wines are in big bottles, from magnums up to the 27-litre “Primat”.

Not only is it a rare opportunity to try wines that have matured in big bottles, but the winemakers are at the Big Bottle Festival, so you can chat to them and ask them questions.

The food is provided by top chefs and is always superb to match the excellent wines. All tastings and food are included in the ticket price. For the real wine-heads, there are ‘master classes’ with tastings of rare vintages and the like, but those cost extra.

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