Bay Harbour Market AKA Hout Bay Market

If Gene Kelly taught us anything it is that rainy days do not have to be gloomy but that you can go about your day singing in the rain. He hit the streets on foot, skipping and dancing, umbrella in hand. You too can channel your inner Gene Kelly without getting your boots wet!

A scenic coastal drive on route to the under roof, Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay will help release the stresses of the working week as you lose yourself watching the dreamy deep blue ocean with its unimaginable depth, meeting at the horizon against grey skies.

The Bay Harbour Market, once an old fishing factory, now a bustling festive weekend market where you can shop from African arts & crafts, antiques and fashion to delicious treats that will have you thinking you’re in Foodie heaven.

What makes this market especially perfect for rainy days is its gigantic fireplace, flirty aromas of warm coffee and freshly baked bread. Oh, and by the way, the vibey tunes made by live band performances will surely get you skipping and dancing too!
Operating hours: Fridays: 5pm to 9pm, Saturdays: 9:30am to 4pm and Sundays: 9:30am to 4pm

Location: 31 Harbour Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, Tel: 083 275 5586
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