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In 2009, Café Caprice’s David Raad and chef Ross Collins joined forces to open a stylish burger restaurant in Kloof Street. Cape Town was obviously ready for great burgers, made in house every day, healthier options, sides like the double crunch fries, and by no means least, thick and creamy milkshakes, because three restaurants and nearly four years later, Hudsons is as popular as ever.

The menus have been expanded at the outlets in Somerset Road and Claremont to include, for example, pizzas, but as Cindy Taylor discovered, there is much more to Hudsons than just simply good food.

The last time I was at Hudsons I was pretty bleak to find that the Lagerita, a dangerously delicious match made in heaven of Jack Black and Margerita, had slipped off the menu. But Hudsons being what it is, a proverbial old faithful hound in more ways than one, there was no doubt that I was going to get my Lagerita and all it took was just asking for it…nicely. You see, there’s more to a burger joint than just the burger. In fact there are a number of crucial accompaniments that make or break a place that go beyond the brand of t-sauce they use – the other side-orders, the ones that you get without ordering, like kick-ass music and a cool vibe. But you’ve obviously been there before so you know all that already. If you haven’t, you know what to do.

We don’t guarantee that every personal request can and will be filled, but we do recommend February’s Beer and Burger of the month. “The Mexicana” is a grilled chicken breast topped with nacho tortilla chips, guacamole, tomato salsa, cream cheese and lettuce. It’s just R41 for a single and R55 for a double. The beer, Maisels Weiss, is described as “a filtered Hefeweizen, pale straw colour beer with clean character which is soft on the palate.” It sells for R32 (500ml).

That said, B-guided general manager, Alex, popped into the Claremont outlet last week and announced the Porky Poppers – chili poppers wrapped in bacon, battered and served with blue cheese dip – delicious! Isn’t everything better with bacon?

Another thing we love is that those of us who live low-carb and don’t eat bread need not miss out on the awesome burgers; we simply go “guido” and have the deliciousness wrapped in crisp, fresh lettuce instead. And if you like your bun but can’t do wheat, there are wheat free rolls available. Just another way that Hudsons makes eating out that much better.

P.S. None of the B-guided staff has tried them yet, but we’ve heard the ribs are amazing! Next time…

Hudsons is open every day from noon to 11pm.

021 426 5974
69A Kloof St, Gardens
021 433 1496
Cnr Somerset & Portswood, Green Point
021 674 5152
25 Protea Rd, Claremont


images: Hudsons Burger Joint

street, Cape Town. To book a table call 021 4265974 or mail info@theburgerjoint.co.za

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