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It’s rare to find a wine lover that doesn’t also enjoy food. The team Creation Wines pair the two in a number of sublime experiences that make visiting the estate in the Hemel en Aarde Valley heaven on earth indeed. Here are five ways to enjoy Creation Wines:

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
Cost per person: R295

Creation shares the amazing biodiversity of the land, ranging from the secrets of the vineyards to the exquisite fynbos and spectacular birdlife. This exciting safari covers many a highlight and culminates in a celebration under the ‘Big Tree’.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost per person: R350
Minimum 6 people & booking at least 24 hours in advance.

Enjoy a personalised cellar tour and barrel tasting, be introduced to the fine art of wine blending – with the emphasis on different styles such as a typical Bordeaux, Cape or Rhône blend – and the exciting challenge of creating your own, individual blend.

Duration 35 – 60 minutes
Cost per person: R125

Discover the subtle secrets of flavour and texture and how the inherent qualities of wine and food can combine to create the ultimate taste sensation. To demonstrate the huge impact that food and wine has on each other, a delicious array of canapés, each specially prepared by Creation’s talented chefs to match a specific wine, are on offer. And while you’re feasting on the perfect pairing, topics such as international food and wine trends are discussed.

Duration: 20 – 30 minutes
Cost per person: R90

The perennial debate surrounding the contentious pairing of wine and chocolate has inspired Creation’s Paradoxical Wine and Chocolate Pairing. Velvety smooth chocolates for optimal mouth-feel … sensuous flavour profiling to offer you four fabulous matches. Irresistible!

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost per person: R250 including wine

A truly unique experience guaranteed to pamper and surprise your palate. The details are veiled in mystery, but imagine scrumptious entrée-sized dishes paired with four superb Creation wines. Imagine an ever-changing ‘menu’, always presenting a delectable surprise. Booking is essential.

Cost per person: R80 for 8 tea tastings

In the spirit of innovation and inclusivity, Creation has partnered with the luxury TWGTea brand to develop a TEA AND CANAPÉ PAIRING that runs parallel to the PERFECT WINE AND FOOD PAIRING. Amazingly aromatic and richly rewarding – and ideal for designated drivers, expectant moms and those who abstain for religious reasons.

To find out more or to book for any of the events, visit the Creation Wines website, email info@creationwines.com or call 028 212 1107

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