Art Supplies in Cape Town

The Mother City, the Mother of all creative cities in the world, also one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and home to more inspirational settings than one can believe. Table Mountain, being one of the seven natural wonders of the world has been an inspirational backdrop for artists and creatives of all kinds since paint touched canvass and 2B pencils were sharpened on African shores for the first time. It is no wonder then that one would wonder which places would be the best to frequent when needing your mediums to create from the monumental inspiration that surrounds you, after all even a travelling artist cannot resist the incomprehensible urge to create when inspired with the force that the Mother City causes. Below is a list of the four top art supply shops that will satisfy even the strangest medium needs.

The Deckle Edge

The Deckle Edge, the frame containing every artists dream collection of, well… absolutely everything. The Deckle Edge is extremely well stocked, the store which is situated in Woodstock, in Sir Lowry Road, is by far the most incredibly neat and tidy, colourfully displayed and well organised art store that one can expect to find. The Deckle Edge caters for the artist in every sense of the creative mind. Every crafter and hobbiest will find, to their hearts delight, the goods to satisfy their hours. Those who prefer the charcoals, grafites and inks will be pleasantly surprised to find no shortage of their beloved mediums. Paper, boards and the like are in ample supply as well as the different oils, acrylics and watercolours, not forgetting every type, size and bristle of brush that you can imagine. The Deckle Edge also caters for the little ones and has an equally large selection of Stationary. It is a beautiful shop and is perfectly placed in the heart of the new creative hub of Cape Town. Make sure to check out their website on and take note of their online shop and free delivery special for purchases over R500.

The Italian Art Shop

There are art shops and then there is The Italian Art Shop. The absolute cream of the crop, priding themselves in stocking the highest quality brands from Italy, France, UK and the USA, at absolutely reasonable prices. The Italian art shop also delivers door to door right around South Africa for a minimal fee of R50. The brands range from the highly respected strokes of Raphael to canvass setting easels from Mabef, not forgetting the incredible colours from Maimeri to name but a few. Not only does The Italian Art Shop supply the blue ribbon mediums to the public but they also have those products which one would have a seriously difficult time getting hold of such as rabbit skin glue, poppy and safflower oils as well as the odorless thinners for those artists who understand painting in oils. Unfortunately they do not have an online shop as yet but check out their website and contact them for pricing and orders.

Art Attack

Situated in Bellville, Cape Town, Art Attack is every artists one stop shop. They cater equally for the novice as they do for the virtuoso. Art Attack is well stocked and superbly priced. There is no shortage to the base mediums that they offer and have an incredibly huge concentration of affordable artistic products. Their wide range stretches from everything the kids could ever want, to the intricate drawing equipment for the technical minded. The brands are simple but the range of mediums is incredibly wide. Make sure to check out their website at

Art Sauce

Created to fill the needs of the graphic and illustrative minded individual, Art Sauce understands stocking items such as dowel sticks and cutting matts are just as important as stocking to satisfy the printmakers requirements which they do. One thing that Art Sauce stocks extremely well is clay, a potters dream, and truly a relief as finding good clay stockists in South Africa is almost as difficult as finding that needle in the hay stack. There is not an artist who would not appreciate the variety which Art Sauce supplies with incredibly professional, modern styled perfection. If there is something that their shelves cannot produce then they are more than willing to order it for you, or point you in exactly the right direction. Go and have a delightful squizz at their website on

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