Aquila Game Reserve – Wildlife Safari

Whether it is a for a large conference meeting, a family holiday, a exciting romantic getaway or simply a lone ranger safari experience, Aquila Game Reserve, only 2 hours from Cape Town City, is definitely the most sought after destination to choose.

Panthera_pardus_-Ngala_Game_Reserve,_Limpopo,_South_Africa_-with_kill_in_tree-8Aquila is all about the game of the safari, the big 5, in particular the rhino, buffalo, lion, elephant and leopard. Cheetahs are all bred in captivity and this aids in the cheetah conservation movement. The exciting safari packages that Aquila has on offer are as follows:

  • Daytrip Safari (Morning): Transfers available from Cape Town. The safari is approximately 9 hours long and includes:
    • Welcome drinks on arrival
    • Full buffet breakfast
    • 2 – 3 hour exhilarating game drive in a 4 x 4 safari vehicle
    • Visit to the ARC (Aquila Rescue Centre)
    • Remember to bring bathing costumes and sunblock in summer and warm clothing in winter.
  • Shorter Daytrip Safari, no transfers are available with this option. Safari duration is approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes and the safari includes:
    • Delicious buffet meal
    • 2 – 3 hour game drive in a 4 x 4 safari vehicle
    • Remember to bring your bathing costumes and sunblock in Summer and warm clothing in winter.
  • Horseback Safari / Horseback safari combo, Transfers available. The safari lasts for approximately 11 hours and includes the following:
    • Welcome drinks on arrival
    • Tasty Buffet breakfast
    • Buffet lunch included
    • Note: stalking game is a lot easier when saddled up on horseback
    • Remember to bring your bathing costume and sunblock in summer and warm clothing in winter
    • Daytrip Safari Horseback combo is a game drive combo horse riding experience to the Horseback safari.
  • Quad bike safari combo, Transfers are available. Duration of the safari is approximately 11 hours and includes the following:
    • Combining a 3-hour game drive and 1 hour 30 minute horse ride or quad bike out ride.
    • Visit to Aquila Rescue Centre (ARC)
    • Welcome drinks on arrival
    • Buffet breakfast and Lunch
    • Remember to bring your bathing costumes and sunblock in summer and warm attire in winter.
  • 2 Day, overnight safari, transfers available inclusive of:
    • 45 – 60 minute flight over the Hex River Mountains and Vineyards, guests choose whether to fly via helicopter or fixed wing.
    • 2 – 3 hour safari
    • Buffet breakfast, lunch as well as Dinner
    • Luxury accommodation at Aquila
  • Fly in Safari, day trip, transfers available, inclusive of:
    • 45 – 60 minute flight over Hex River Mountains and Vineyards, guests have the option to choose whether they wish to fly fixed wing or helicopter
    • Buffet breakfast and lunch
    • 2 – 3 hour game drive safari
    • Return flight to Cape Town

Aquila’s facilities are of the highest standard yet are built not only from the very rock, stone and wood found in the surrounding areas but completely compliment the setting of the Reserve. The blended décor with the surroundings makes the feeling of Safari so much more authentic. The restaurant boasts high ceilings, large fireplaces and seats up to 180 people in absolute comfort within a luxurious African décor. An internationally acclaimed chef and highly experienced team prepare all meals, which also include traditional African cuisine. After dinner nightcaps may be enjoyed at the luxurious Cigar Bar, whilst relaxing with one of the finest quality cigars on offer. There is also a Pool bar situated just off from the beautiful swimming pool, an outdoor area, Boma’s Cigar Bar that intimately seats approximately 12 people. Aquila has 2 public lounges, both sport exquisite views and cozy seating. The restaurant lounge has a large fireplace, where the Cigar Bar lounge features DSTV facilities.

12545447_922145474499510_571646389_nAquila Game Reserve offers exquisite accommodation to compliment the myriad of exhilarating safari options to choose from. The Reserve’s accommodation is split into the Private Game Reserve chalets that include:

  • Premiere Chalets:
    • Privately situated and built into the hillside of the reserve.
    • En-suite bathrooms with twin hand basins, toilet bathtub and outdoor shower, honeymoon suite includes a Jacuzzi.
    • Private Patio
    • Supreme comfort with a natural ambience in the choice of décor
    • Log Fire
    • Choice of 5 chalets mostly sleeping 2 people, except the family unit, which sleeps 4 in total.
  • Family Chalets:
    • The family chalets sleep between 4 and 8 people per chalet.
    • Semi detached units that manage to still keep privacy in mind.
    • Log fires and fans
    • Coal stove
    • Tea and coffee making facilities
    • Outdoor shower
    • Fabulously furnished with an earthy décor.
  • Luxury chalets:
    • Semi detached units
    • Simplistic African décor
    • Outdoor Rock shower
    • Bathrooms include corner baths
    • Mini bar
    • Coal stove

cape-buffalo-842718_960_720And the Lodge rooms that include:

  • Standard Lodge rooms:
    • Include twin beds that can be turned into Queen size beds on request
    • Shower and en-suite bathroom.
    • Simplistic earthy décor
    • Coffee and tea facilities
  • Mountain View Luxury lodge rooms:
    • Large balcony overlooking the Reserve
    • Exquisite views from the bath and separate shower
    • Twin beds that can be made up into a queen sized bed on request
    • Browns, greys and beiges complimenting a simplistic earthy design

Halbwüchsiger_LöweTo remember your fantastic safari, Aquila Game Reserve presents a quaint yet well stocked curio shop, trading locally manufactured goods as well as various African styled souvenirs. There are also Aquila branded apparel and a variety of Aquila branded goods for sale. Bookings are extremely simple to make online on their website.


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