Afrikaburn helicopter transfer

If you have not heard of AfrikaBurn yet, then perhaps it is time to get clued up on this incredible gathering of the most creative, free spirited and self aware souls on the planet. One thing that is definitely a widespread piece of news on AfrikaBurn is that everything at the gathering is on the understanding around bartering and giving away freely, there is no use of monetary social conditioning whatsoever. People believe that AfrikaBurn is only open to a closed group of elite chosen people or underground hippies, but this is not the case, it is open to everyone regardless of your background or social status, as long as you adhere to the laws and bi-laws that are carefully outlined on their easy to navigate website:

Traveling by car or by taxi, or even in groups with lift clubs and that sort of thing is one of the biggest hassle that many face when going to AfrikaBurn, however one of the greatest ways to arrive at the AfrikaBurn festival is without a doubt via helicopter. Not only is arriving via helicopter much faster and safer, it is also hassle free and ensures that you arrive on time in style. There are however a few things to note when traveling via helicopter to AfrikaBurn, such as the closure of the old runway. There are specific forms to be filled out and these forms can easily be downloaded from their website mentioned above, which once completed will allow you to receive your allocation number which is essential to you being allowed to land at AfrikaBurn. There is also great demand for a prior understanding of the airstrip ATZ 1500/GND and before anyone flies into the area, the airspace that will be used should be respected and fully understood in terms of requirements.

It is also noted that when flying into the airspace mentioned above that you have agreed to and acknowledged the indemnity clauses associated with the use of the said airstrip as well as the AfrikaBurn ticketing, which is mentioned on the disclaimer on their website. It is wise to take note of the fact that a ticket to AfrikaBurn must be purchased prior to landing at the said airstrip or even arriving at the festival as there are no tickets for sale on the premises. It is also stipulated that before you can receive the above mentioned form for download to receive your allocation number you are to create a ‘burner bio’ and through that login to their website with the details sent to you via email.

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