A Spier Secret Festival

It is delectable food and wine and all things divine. A festival largely kept secret, save for the exclusive ears who care to listen for the exceptionally fine tastes and tantalizing tit bits of high class trends and tricks of the trade, revolutionary workshops, sustainable practices that are second to none as well as focusing on ethical production of all sorts. The Spier Secret Festival has made a leap for 2016, and even though it has been successfully held at the sensationally beautiful Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch for the last 4 years, this year Johannesburg is the unbelievably lucky residency to this unbelievably phenomenal experience.

The move was largely inspired by the pop-up Spier Secret Courtyard Bar which took place on Juta Street in 2014, the success and energetic response was remarkable and as Cellar Master Frans Smit puts it, “Spier Secret couldn’t wait to get back to the Joburg energy.” Amongst other things, the Johannesburg programme includes an entire range of incredibly interesting speakers, of which Cateringa & Kompanen hailing from the Netherlands bring an interactive eating experience involving the new super food of the future, algae to the table. There is also the founder of F.A.T, and Author of Pickled who graces the marvelous Spier Secret lineup, bringing unknown inside secrets from behind the scenes of the extraordinary science of sauces amongst other things.

The Spier Secret Festival is not to be missed, especially now that they have decided to make a move into Gauteng territory for 2016. It is definitely an experience of a lifetime and more details and updates can be found on their regularly updated Facebook page, alternatively you can visit their website on www.spiersecret.co.za. Magically marvelous, and a secret best explored.

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