3 great local breweries to visit for craft beer tastings

While you’ll find top-notch craft beer at bars and restaurants across Cape Town, it’s always cool to go to the source for a beer tasting at a local craft brewery. Lucy Corne, a respected beer judge and author of South African beer guide Beer Safari, shares a few of her favourites.

The Taproom at the Devil’s Peak Brewing Company is the go-to for craft brewers, because the beer is good, the food is good and it’s a very cool space. It ticks all the boxes. They’re always open and they have food available.

The Riot Factory at The Palms Centre in Woodstock is also very good, but they’re not open very often.

Another good venue in Woodstock is the Brewer’s Co-Op, which was started by about 15 brewers who all clubbed together and bought the brewing equipment.

The brewers have a schedule where they can each use the facilities to brew their own beers, and they’re all available on tap, so there are loads and loads of beers to try.

You can expect up to 20 beers at a time, and because they really just want people to sample their beer they keep it really affordable.

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