25th December – Christmas Day

The day that falls on the 25th of December every year is known as Christmas or Christ Mass, however it is also an amalgamation of old pagan festivals and traditional ways all mixed into one pot of an awesome family holiday with exciting activities generally practiced in South Africa very similarly to the rest of the European countries.

Just like the Christians have the twelve days of Christmas, the pagan traditions have the twelve days of Yule which celebrates the shortest day and longest night which usually fell on the 21st December and was celebrated on the 25th, this holiday was dated for the Northern Hemisphere, in the Southern Hemisphere it would be Litha, and would be celebrating the Summer Solstice.

Christmas however is generally accepted as the national holiday for the 25th December in South Africa, mainly because the greatest part of the population follow a Christian faith. Christmas Eve is when the presents are wrapped and set under the tree and Christmas Day is the time when families gather for delightful Sunday lunches and Father Christmas makes a turn, he is either seen with the children as one of the family members dressing up or in shopping malls that have a serious Christmas spirited theme.

V&A Waterfront and Canal Walk shopping malls are always delightful places to visit during the festive season, with exquisite decorations and festive seasoned delights all around to wonder visitors.

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