24th December – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, celebrated on the 24th December worldwide, is the day preceding Christmas day. Traditionally it is the day celebrating the anticipation of the birth day of Jesus of Nazareth. Christmas Eve is celebrated by Christians and non Christians alike.

Being one of the most important Christian holidays next to Easter, Christmas Eve is usually celebrated by many Christian denominations taking to the streets and well known malls and centres in praise and song. Christmas carols are sung till late in the evening and almost all churches are open with a Christmas Eve service. Less religiously, Christmas Eve sees the little ones going to bed early and the parents wrapping presents and becoming Father Christmas’ and placing them under the tree to be opened the following day, a tradition which comes from the pagan Yule.

There are many beautiful events that take place on Christmas Eve around Cape Town and most of them are aimed at hosting events that are suitable and timely for the entire family. The Cape Town City Bowl always has fantastically beautiful lights up during the festive season and it is really a wonder for the eyes. Cape Town is always a delightful array of festivities during this time and the local newspapers and blogs such as Cape Town Superb will always have highlights of the best things to take part in during the festive season.

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